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Fundraiser Results for The Film "The Culture High"

The Movie "The Culture High" has been funded!
The goal was surpassed!
3,448 Backers Pledged $240,022.
The Goal was $190,000.

Adam Scorgie - Cannabis Nation Radio Interview - July 6, 2012

Adam Scorgie - Executive Producer - "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High" July 6, 2012

Adam Scorgie is a British Columbia born producer who has co-produced numerous projects with BKS Crew Productions, including the award winning documentary  "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High."  Adam is currently working on development and fundraising for a follow up to "The Union" documentary, titled "The Culture High."  

To buy "The Culture High" crew a beer, get a t-shirt, signed dvd, or have a red carpet event thrown in your hometown, in your honor, with the crew, and also be named on the film as a Co-Executive Producer, and lots of other fun choices of how you can get involved and make a difference visit:

"The Culture High" Movie

Adam's career in the entertainment business began in New York City where he spent 4 years working and studying in the film industry.  Having graduated from the 3 year program at the renowned William Esper Studios in Manhattan, Adam was continually working on various T.V. and film projects such as Whoopi, All My Children, The Guiding Light, and As the World Turns.

Upon returning to his hometown of Kelowna, B.C., Scorgie set out to Executive Produce and co-create his first feature documentary, "'The Union: The Business Behind Getting High" with BKS.  He and the team exceeded all expectations with " The Union" being selected to 33 international film festivals, where it won several best feature documentary awards, received distribution in numerous countries and is currently the highest ranked Canadian documentary by popular vote on IMDB.

Presently, Adam is finishing up production on the highly anticipated feature documentary "Bruce Lee: Inspiring Genius," a film which includes the likes of Dana White, Kobe Bryant, Uma Thurman and Mickey Rourke.  Having spent the last two years developing the feature documentaries "Ice Guardians" and "The Culture High" with BKS Crew Productions, Scorgie is excited to begin on what is set to be two of his dream projects.