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Alison Myrden Interview on Cannabis Nation Radio

Alison Myrden - LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - MS Patient - Corrections Officer - Cannabis Advocate - June 15, 2012


Alison Myrden has seen the effects of the war on drugs from the inside.  Her career started as a Corrections Officer in 1988, after working with troubled youth  in Southern Ontario, Canada,  she went on to work with young offender cases.   Around the same time, Alison was diagnosed with chronic progressive Multiple Sclerosis, with Tic Doloureux, an excruciating facial pain that is present 24 hrs., and is sometimes associated with MS.  It is one of the most painful disorders known.  She has been  treated with many pharmaceutical drugs, including doctor supervised cocaine and heroin therapy, yet she  found immediate relief with Cannabis when there was no such luck with the other, more addictive medications.  Alison has been a speaker for LEAP "Law Enforcement Against Prohibition" for years.  She believes the "war on drugs" is more a "war on the people," and has to be stopped.  Alison and her partner Gary Lynch maintain a website detailing her advocacy of Medical Cannabis at themarijuanamission.com, and they recently launched the Alison Myrden site.  To listen to the Alison Myrden interview on Cannabis Nation Radio, go to the above audio player and click on "cannabis 061512."