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Mike Boutin - Boutinism



  • A word or phrase by Mike Boutin.
  • Verbal expression of Mike Boutin.
  • A sequence of two or more words arranged by Mike Boutin in a grammatical construction and acting as a unit in a sentence, or paragraph.
  • A Mike Boutin way of speaking, mode of expression, or phraseology.
  • Mike Boutin rhetoric.
  • To express or phrase in a Mike Boutin manner.
  • Thoughts of Mike Boutin expressed in words.


  • To express or word in a particular way.  ex.  The speaker was  Boutinisming.

A collection of "boutinisms," from Mike Boutin

"There is nothing more American than a man taking his piece of ground, and producing a product that people want to buy."

"I really didn't want to live in a world where they haul people off to jail for using a substance that's safer than alcohol."

"The only way you can use the words "marijuana" and "crime" in the same sentence, is if you are talking about the theft of someone's."

"Marijuana is a sunscreen for a soul seared by human cruelty."

"I am not fond of the verbage, but I will swallow gnats to slay camels."

"I like to slip in in front of the cops and buy out all the seniority donuts, so they have to eat glazed."

"If you wrestle with a pig, you're gonna get dirty, and the pig is gonna like it."