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Bradley Walker

Bradley Walker - Cannabis Researcher - May 17, 2013



Bradley Walker is a 27 year old natural born researcher. Native to Southern California, Bradley was born in Orange County and moved to Las Vegas as a 6 yr old.  Now a 21 year resident of Las Vegas he still thrives on understanding the world he lives in and trying to answer the questions that are begged by a world that has seemingly gone mad.


Brought up in a Christian home and taught the tenets of Christianity, Bradley rebelled against it.                           

In a physical way? No, in the way a natural born researcher would. He launched into a comparative study of all the major world religions and settled on Agnosticism and Buddhism as neither of the two were in conflict with any known scientific viewpoints.


As a teen Bradley was confronted with drug use and went in search of answers to make an informed decision and ended up being sold on the science of marijuana.


Long before he could vote and even before he ever entertained the idea of using marijuana Bradley had come to the conclusion based on solid objective research that there is nothing criminal or harmful about marijuana.


Bradley became a staunch advocate for marijuana legalization through his research which included the “Emperor Wears No Clothes”  by Jack Herer which leads us to the “InfoGraphic."  The “InfoGraphic” as it is known, is the culmination of research into the many uses of the marijuana plant including the genus Cannabis Hemp.


“If using natural and renewable resources is the answer to sustainability; than wide scale implementation of this plant is essential to our survival.”   Bradley Walker


As Bradley thought about the implications of hemp he began to think about the forces at work promoting products that are not natural... could these same corporations be responsible for prohibiting hemp?


He came up with a criteria: Every company that appears on the InfoGraphic was researched as to product and policy.  If their product and policies are helped by marijuana prohibition they are included.


Whether it can be proven that they sponsor prohibition or not, they are included as a beneficiary. Many companies can be tied to anti marijuana groups and agendas by use of astro turf political groups and or direct campaign aid to prohibitionists.


Bradley set out to undo 80 years of lies and propaganda with a single powerful image. In that is contrasts the difference between why people think marijuana is illegal and the actual political and economic reasons that marijuana was prohibited and continues to be, it looks to be up to the task.


One of the main reasons that Bradley and young people like him are getting behind the re-legalization of marijuana, is the potential to turn around an earth gone mad and stop it from being desolated by corporate greed.


Marijuana is an all natural game changer for a green economy and equitable distribution of wealth and more and more people are waking up to this fact.