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Cannabis Nation Radio is very proud to support and participate in the 'Moms for Marijuana' Cannabis Quilt.  We'd especially like to thank Amber Gingerich for her hard work and creative genius for making our square fabulous!  The Cannabis Nation Radio square on the cannabis quilt turned out better than we could have ever envisioned.  We'd also like to thank Candace Junkin for putting us in touch with Amber, and Dana Avridson for coming up with the cannabis quilt concept and overall design. 

The cannabis quilt was inspired by the tremendous statement and awareness caused by the Aids Memorial Quilt.  'Moms for Marijuana' and other cannabis organizations, worked together to complete a quilt that represents a showing of solidarity and unity in our demands for the legalization of cannabis.

The quilt will be unveiled Monday October 15, 2012, in Washington, DC, which is the day before the vote in the nation's capitol to reschedule marijuana.  After the initial unveiling, the quilt will be sent across the U.S. to be on public display through a series of regional conferences and rallies, at which 'Moms for Marijuana' members will gather to raise awareness and network with others within their communities.  After each conference series, 'Moms for Marijuana' will create a new design, accept new patches, and add new panels to the quilt.  Moms for Marijuana will continue this tradition until their voices are heard and cannabis prohibition has been repealed.  

Cannabis Nation Radio will be adding more images and information about the cannabis quilt as time goes on.