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Christopher Hsu - New Mexico Medical Cannabis Patients Alliance

Christopher Hsu - Executive Member - New Mexico Medical Cannabis Patients Alliance - New Mexico Cannabis Patient- Ocotober 12, 2012


Christopher Hsu lost his mother to cancer, and regretfully found out after his loss that cannabis could have been a possible treatment for her liver and bile duct cancer, yet it was never offered, even though his Mom lived in New Mexico, a medical marijuana state. 

When Christopher moved to New Mexico and became a patient under the New Mexico medical cannabis program, he decided to form a group to help educate patients, so they would be aware of all options available to them so they could make an educated choice in their treatment.  

The New Mexico Medical Cannabis Patient Alliance was formed, and is now helping patients navigate the New Mexico medical marijuana rules, as well as providing support to each other in the face of changes by the state of New Mexico, such as in the recent move on behalf of New Mexico to possibly remove PTSD from the list of "approved" conditions, which would eliminate close to 40% of the states medical marijuana patients. 

The interview with Christopher Hsu will be recorded live at 5pm pst on 10/12/12, and uploaded to an audio player at the top of this page the following morning.