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 It's Time For An Honest Conversation about Cannabis!

Clint Werner eloquently describes the duality of cannabis leading to a quandry for control freaks who often view the world as black and white, with rules that often lack compassion for anything that doesn't nicely fit into their box.

Clint Werner

One of the reasons that bureaucrats and control-freak authority figures are so uncomfortable about reforming marijuana laws is that the very unique nature of cannabis makes it hard for dull-witted functionaries to draw strict policies concerning its use.

These multifaceted aspects of marijuana confound their addiction to inflexible rules and regulations. They want medicine to be only medicine, it shouldn't be FUN! And given the extant laws of our land, they seem to want any substances of mind or mood-altering pleasure to only be harmful such as alcohol or tobacco.

Marijuana violates these divisions and does so with phytochemical glee. Medical marijuana use has social benefits while social marijuana use has medical benefits. The euphoria that accompanies marijuana use for nausea relief on pain treatment often allows patients to rejoin their family events in an improved mood or free from the cloudiness of opiates.

The social use of marijuana for relaxation, inspiration or heightened humorousness actually reduces the users' risks for serious degenerative illnesses. I'll bet the drug warriors lack the capacity to appreciate the interlocking duality of an Escher print.

                                                                                               ~ Clint Werner

Metamorphosis by MC Escher