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Constance Finley

Constance Finley - Patient Helping Stage 4 Cancer Patients - May 10, 2013



Constance Finley is an accomplished professional with a masters degree in clinical psychology who shifted her career to finance where she worked as a stock broker.  Eventually she stumbled upon a win - win investment she fell in love with that involved wealthy investors rehabilitating dilapidated housing and receiving government tax credits in return.  The program was so successful she enjoyed working 80 hours a week helping investors rake in fantastic profits while doing good for others by helping low income families have access to affordable, safe and modern housing that won design awards and changed neighborhoods. 


Constance lives in the San Francisco Bay area, where she was eventually dealt the hand of becoming so sick she could barely leave her house. It took almost 10 years of living with severe fatigue and pain before she was finally diagnosed with ankylosis spondylitis, chronic arthritis of the spine and the sacroiliac joints causing severe inflammation. Her illness brought her through the pharmaceutical gauntlet where she was spending $4,000 a month on some of the drugs which helped her symptoms, but created other really serious side effects causing her to frequently be changed to different drugs with more side effects. 


Eventually Constance was prescribed the drug Humira which resulted in such a severe reaction to only the second dose that Abbott Laboratories, the makers of Humira interviewed her.  Some of the side effects from Humira can be very severe.  For instance, as many as three percent (3%) of the patients who take Humira end up with lymphoma.  Constance in fact suffered an infection that was so severe she almost died.  Humira had suppressed her immune system so severely a viral infection took over leaving her few options after Humira ravaged her body. 


Researching her disease, Constance stumbled on studies out of Europe showing that cannabis halted Rheumatoid Arthritis. At the time she felt that if somebody smoked cannabis more than 2 or 3 times a year they were likely a stoner.  Constance Finley could not see herself ever being a stoner, it was something she didn't approve of, even though she didn't think twice about enjoying wine. However the more she researched the more she was amazed at the medical aspects of cannabis.


Being a California resident has its advantages when it comes to getting sick with an illness that cannabis can help.  Constance learned to grow cannabis at a school specifically designed for growing cannabis, and soon started growing to treat her disease.  When her Dr. was surprised she was doing so well, she was nervous and hesitant to explain that she was using a concentrated extract from marijuana to treat herself.


Eventually word spread and 26 stage IV cancer patients with little hope for survival were referred to Constance from a respected Oncologist since Constance knew how to grow and was successfully producing concentrated cannabis oil, aka Rick Simpson Oil, aka Hemp Oil (although it is not made from hemp), and aka marijuana concentrate. I guess this is where we could say a rose by any other name is still a rose.  The Oncologist referring patients to Constance Finley has a respectful track record with stage 4 patients without cannabis as well.  Approx. 78% of his cancer patients are alive after 28 months, many of them stage 4. Cannabis is one of his respected options, that he uses so far only with the desperate in his group.  

Cannabis Concentrate is catching on as many professionals and people with considerable and varied backgrounds have testified to it’s effectiveness.


Dennis Hill a Biochemist came on the Cannabis Nation Radio approximately one year ago, and spoke of this medicine and explained how it worked for him.  Dennis worked in the cancer industry and has a long family history of prostate cancer, which is now in remission thanks to cannabis concentrate.  Dennis used no other form of treatment.


Corrie Yelland from British Columbia also used Cannabis Concentrate as she explained to us a few months back.  She had no medical background as Dennis had, which proves you do not need to be a scientist to save your own life.  Corrie made hers a little at a time and showed folks that you can do it on a budget as well.  She used a wide range of strains, since she wasn't sure what would be best.  She's now telling anyone who will listen about the life saving potential of cannabis oil concentrate. 


Dr. Marcu comes on the show as our resident cannabinoid expert and explains the science behind how cannabinoids work and why cannabis is so amazing.


Constance and others like her offer so much anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of cannabis oil, and it is important to hear from the grassroots revolution in healing that is going on in the world right now. 

Constance gets referrals of patients from a renowned but unnamed Oncologist which is pretty compelling evidence of two things:


  1. That concentrated cannabis oil must be effective.
  2. Even cancer Doctors know that the current recipe for treatment is woefully lacking. 

Rick Simpson a Canadian started the Phoenix Tears movement about 10 years ago in Canada and it has spread worldwide.


Rick healed himself from cancer in 2003 and a mission was born. Having helped over 5000 people, he has also been a role model for countless others who use Cannabis Oil to heal. Constance and Cannabis Nation Radio Host Mike Boutin being among them.


Many other ailments and diseases have been successfully treated using this unconventional medicine.  If you read the papers that Dennis Hill prepared, you'll see that mitochondria plays a key role which we'll be talking about on future shows. 

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