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Crystal Guess - January 2013


Let me tell you how stupid our government is.

This unfinished house that I'm standing in front of is completely made out of industrial hemp, which anyone educated knows is the strongest, most durable fiber known to mankind, yet totally illegal thanks to a bunch of shit I won't get into right now. This house hasn't been touched since the summer of 2000 when plans to finish it fell through thanks to a bunch of shit I'm about to get into right now.

The Oglala Sioux Nation, living within the boundaries of the Pine Ridge Reservation, are living in a third world country right here in America, and even though their land has been declared "sovereign" it's far from it. These people live in the kind of poverty that would make anyone with a heart cry.

Back in April of 2000, three Lakota farmers (one, Tom Cook, whom I had the honor of meeting and hanging out with during my stay there) were instrumental in publicly announcing the first planting of industrial hemp seeds on their land on the anniversary of the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty, which established the reservation 132 years prior. They understood the benefits of the hemp crop and what it could bring to their people, but of course the DEA and United States Government thought otherwise.

By July 2001, DEA agents destroyed all of their crops, citing the "law" and thus put an end to the short-lived idea that industrial hemp could save the Pine Ridge Reservation from poverty, starvation, and lack of dwelling units.

Go, Amerika, boy.

This needs to stop. Not just on Pine Ridge, but everywhere in the world where people can benefit from the thousands of uses that can come from this amazing plant. It's the only crop capable of saving this planet from destroying itself, and this small example I just gave goes to show how utterly ridiculous and asinine our draconian drug policies are against something that has zero psychoactive properties, yet has the ability to make over 35,000 textile products while being able to house and feed anyone that uses it. It can, literally, save the world.

So why are we here.