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Dabs For Dummies


By: Jenae DeCampo 3/29/2013

BHO, Wax, Hash, oh my! The new craze of "dabbing" is sweeping the cannabis nation. A small dose of highly concentrated THC oil, and you're good to go. However, many people aren't up to date on this so-called "dabbing." Let's take a second to explore and learn more about this new craze.

The art of dabbing is slightly different than smoking cannabis. When dabbing, you're using highly concentrated forms of THC oil and vaporizing it to inhale the concentrate. The use of concentrates has been around for several years, and has been more commonly smoked on top of a bowl of weed using a pipe or water pipe. However, that method often doesn't heat the concentrated oil hot enough. The most effective way to smoke THC oil is through a specialized water pipe equipped with a titanium or glass nail, known as an Oil Rig. These specialized water pipes come in 2 varieties, a domeless retractable nail, and a Dome Oil Rig. When smoking concentrates there is a slightly different method. Lighters are not  necessary!  Just a handheld butane torch, a dabber (metal or glass wand), and of course your oil.  Using the specialized pipe, you simply heat up your nail with a handheld butane torch until its red hot, place your oil on the nail using a wand, and inhale just like you were to smoke a traditional water pipe. 

Inhaling one hit of this highly concentrated form of THC has instant effects. One hit, and you've reached lift off.  When a fellow dabber by the name of Dana was asked why she chose to smoke concentrates rather than traditional marijuana buds she stated, "...it gets me higher quicker, and you don't need such a large amount to get the high." These concentrates can be as high in THC as 75%. Some have even been tested in the 90th percentile!  They are very concentrated, and very potent. Dana added, "I love that one little hit feels like I've smoked a full joint."  This form of smoking cannabis is a quick and different alternative to smoking flower.

Still a little confused about the different forms of Concentrated THC oil? Let me clear that up for you.

smoking dabs

HASH OIL:  a concentrated substance derived from Cannabis. The Texture varies from a glossy and smoother amber to gold resin. The THC content varies between 40% and 90%

WAX/EARWAX: a concentrated substance derived from Cannabis. The texture is waxy and sticky like earwax. The THC content varies between 35% and 70%

SHATTER: a concentrated substance derived from Cannabis. The texture is a hardened glass piece in amber to gold resin   The THC content varies between 35% and 90%

BHO (BUTANE HASH OIL): a concentrated substance derived from Cannabis. The name comes from the way it is extracted from Cannabis plants. The texture is similar to hash oil, a glossy and smooth amber to gold resin. The THC content varies between 25% to 90%

Now that you've learned a little about the art of dabbing, let me take you on a quick tour to one of the vapor and dab bars in Washington State; Stonegate Vapor Lounge. Stonegate Vapor Lounge (pictured) is located in Tacoma, WA above the Stonegate Pizza and Rum Bar on South Tacoma Way. This private club popped up in the cannabis community approximately 2 months ago. Run by beautiful young ladies who are just as enthused about cannabis as you are, if not more. At this private club anyone 21 years old or older is allowed to come up the fire painted stairs to an atmosphere of pure tranquility. The air is  filled with the scent of freshly vaporized cannabis and amazing live music. The public is welcome to take a gander and even smoke for a small membership fee.


The lovely bud tenders assist with your smoking needs. Due to the No Smoking Law in Washington State, vaporizing is the only form of smoking that can be done. For those who are Washington State Medical Marijuana Card holders, you are able to smoke the provided oils. Luckily, because the amazing residents of Washington passed the Legalization of recreational marijuana, none card holders are able to bring their own cannabis and concentrates to the lounge.  Everyone is welcomed with a glowing smile from the budtenders, and a great time. Stonegate Vapor Lounge has been featured in several Newspapers, and online news site for pushing the limits, but someone has to right? These young ladies and the people behind putting together such an amazing club are making history. You too can be a part of history by visiting them the next time you're in the area!

Now that you're an expert in the art form of dabbing, you can explore the amazing high you get from such a small dose. A little dab will do ya!

Dabs For Dummies