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 It's Time For An Honest Conversation about Cannabis!

Hey Mike and Julie,

Just wanted to say that I love the show, you guys are doing great work to help bring information to the masses!

First, I guess I'll tell ya a little about myself. I have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), and have been using and growing cannabis medicinally for about a decade now and am enrolled in Canada's MMAR program (which of course is being dismantled next April and growers are having their rights revoked).
I've made it a personal mission in my life to try and help educate others on the tragedy in which is the war on cannabis. In which you guys are a valuable resource, so for that I thank you.

As someone with ASD I'd love to hear a show in regards to cannabis and Autism and the recent studies that have linked genetic mutations tied to Autism involving the endocannabinoid system.

On a very quick side note; Canada is currently in the middle of Weed Country (episode 5 will air Thursday, May 3oth). I wanted to say a big thank you to Mike for his work on there.  I hope there will be a second season.
If ever there was one place that I would hope to be able to go to learn anything, Grace Farms would be the destination.

My main reason for contacting you guys, other then my topic suggestion, was to pass along a link from the US patent office that I thought you might find interesting (that is of course if you haven't seen it already). It's a patent for a cannabinoid delivery system to treat cancer.

Hopefully you find it helpful.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Keep up the great work over there.

Best regards,

Message 2: 

Hey!  Never mind, I saw you guys already posted information on your facebook page on the patent I sent!  lol 

Message 3:

Hey Julie,
Thanks for the speedy reply.

More than happy to help in any way I can.

Yeah, sadly the way the current program is set up will be coming to an end. From everything I’ve been able to find, the apparent date the changes will take effect will be April 2014. This is all being done to eliminate as much of Health Canada’s involvement with the program as possible as well as appease apparent public concern (when I say public, I mean fire officials, police departments...etc, etc....because that seems to be the only “public” they’ve taken into consideration).

The really short version of the story goes like this. Currently, the program involves obtaining a doctors signature and reason for use (which is almost impossible to find one that’s willing to do it for fear of prosecution if you abuse your licence). At which point you then fill out paper work for authorization to possess dry cannabis, and then again for authorization to grow cannabis (typically the total application is 12-16 pages long, if that’s all you’re doing. Otherwise it could be more than 24 pages).
Yearly renewal is involved. Which for patients like myself, or ones that are terminal, makes no sense. My autism isn’t going to suddenly go away...

  The changes are being enacted to apparently address such issues as; the limited availability of cannabis strains (Health Canada only offers one); the complicated application process; public health and safety concerns regarding private grows; abuse of the program. 

The new changes proposed will be revoking the patients right to grow their own medicine. This is to be replaced by large scale licensed producers following strict guidelines treating it as much as possible like a medication (their words). This of course, causes huge concern for those that 1) produce their own (for many reason of which I’m sure I don’t need to get in to with you) and 2) were only paying the $5/gram that Health Canada was charging. Where they exactly get their apparent price projection for the future from, I have no idea (you’ll find this info in the link I’ll provide), but I have a hard time imagining that people on disability and that are on limited incomes, will be able to handle even a small price increase (never mind the ones not paying anything and growing their own). What I’m sure is bound to happen though, is places will no doubt produce only the more expensive (granted probably better quality) bud, limiting the cheaper selection because of the lack of profit. 
Plus, as stated above, this will be removing Health Canada’s association as much as possible by removing their involvement in the application process. This now forces people to deal solely with their medical practitioners to obtain their prescription. Which, again, is something that for many will still leave them in a difficult position. Like myself for instance; my doctor will have nothing to do with it. Forcing me to find another doctor that will. This lack of doctor participation causes what should be a free process to end up becoming a rather expensive one for many by forcing them to see doctors in private clinics, being charged hundreds of dollars, all to obtain a signature.

Here’s the link to the apparent changes that are coming and the reasons for it.
Currently this link contains the only information that’s been released. Leaving a lot of people with questions. Everything else I’ve found is all regurgitation of the facts found at that link and people drawing conclusions or making guesses.

Ok, I’ll wrap this up for now, lol. Little bit longer then I intended. Hopefully you’ll find it all useful though. Please feel free to ask any questions ya might have. I’ll do my best to come up with an answer for ya.


Thanks Dan!  We really appreciate your input!   We LOVE feedback and suggestions.  Our listeners have a vested interest in future legislation, rules and regulations and it's therefore very refreshing to hear from listeners such as yourself,  who are keeping informed and helping to keep us informed as well.