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Ed Bland - 2012

I gave my word 2 HIM & this is fitting: On 08-30-2008 I wrecked my motorbike with no helmet on. Died 3 times, coma 87 days. Broke mass bones putting ribs into both lungs. Yes I cracked skull giving me a 5.5 brain injury requiring me to relearn life again in rehab center. Once returning home was asked 2 get medical card & try CANNABIS. I was amazed ! I have been a mechanic my whole life fixing things, now it was my brain & HIS simple plant is doing this. That is why I am telling everyone that the brain injured troops can have a LIFE !

~ Ed Bland

Ed Bland sent the above message to Cannabis Nation Radio after posting many times on Facebook in an attempt to bring an awareness about the medical benefits derived from cannabis.  Since we received the original message from Ed, he continues to improve and continues his mission of educating others that there is much more to the cannabis plant than many realize, even to this day.  

Recently a video showing a portion of a Ted Talk surfaced which contains information supporting what Ed Bland has been telling people since he first started to notice the positive results from using medical marijuana for his brain injury. 

The video points out that marijuana increases connections in the brain.