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Elvy Musikka - Federal Marijuana Patient - December 21, 2012


Elvy Musikka was born with congenital cataracts and ended up losing sight in one eye over a botched operation, but has saved the sight in the other eye by using Medical Marijuana.  She receives a tin of marijuana monthly from the Federal Government with 300 pre-rolled joints at no cost.  It is obvious there are medical benefits to marijuana, and the federal government is well aware of that fact as well.  

Elvy was the first woman to join the ranks of the federal IND  (investigational new drug) program back in 1988 after winning a court case in Florida using the medicinal necessity defense. 

With a supply chain problem having Uncle Sam for a dealer, and also the dubious quality of the federal weed, Elvy moved to Oregon and became a state licensed patient as well. 

Elvy travels and speaks at numerous events and functions and has a marvelous sense of humor and such a positive attitude that she is infectious. 

Singer, songwriter, advocate and much more, including a board member of Patients Out of Time, Elvy is a Cannabis Legend.