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Miss High Times - Emily Aryn


Miss High Times - Emily Aryn - September 20, 2013

Emily Aryn was born and raised in East Lansing Michigan. A polish norwegian, she is predictably tall and blonde with a twinge of Viking panash.

A toker since age 16, she has devoted her time and energy to advocate for rational drug control policy in our Country.

A photographer and art major with a minor in paleolithic art, she hopes to be a HighTimes photographer, Curator, and or owner of her own glass accessories shop.

Active in the politics of cannabis, Emily is about teaching awareness and educating about the benefits and dispelling myths surrounding the cannabis plant.

Although Emily was just below the legal threshold of eighteen years old to vote for Proposition 1 or what became known as the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act in 2008, she has been recently lobbying the Michigan House of Representatives for patient rights and like all of us, is working hard to expand cannabis freedom.

In her spare time, Emily shoots pictures of flowers, especially cannabis flowers and loves classic rock bands from the 60’s/70’s.
The Miss HighTimes Pageant was founded by Bobby Black of the HighTimes staff in 2006.
 It has changed form and location from time to time, but Bobbys original vision was to give the ladies of Cannabis Nation a chance to be seen and heard, to connect with one another, and to show the world the diversity and beauty of the feminine readership of the magazine.