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Willy Nelson Snoop Dogg
I saw a great clip last night on the Country Music Awards. Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood were doing the Emcee Gig and it went like this:

Brad “We want to honor Willie Nelson and at the same time simultaneously strip him of all of his CMA awards. Sorry!”

Carrie “Yes Willie there have been some charges of DOPING!”

Everyone got a great laugh out of it and that includes me, but wait a minute.

How can we on the one hand laugh tongue in cheek at harmless ol Willie and snicker at Snoop Dog about weed and yet we still ruin peoples lives over it?

How and why can there be this kind of disconnect? If it’s ok for Willie, and laughable and all, why not everyone?

Why is it we can write a free pass for those we love but for those we don’t there is denigration and abasement in a cage?

We need to get to a place where any free American can use marijuana with impunity as it is NOT a criminal issue, but one of Liberty and choice.

 It’s just simply a choice. I am betting there was a healthy supply of hard liquor after the CMA’s and I have heard many a Country song chronicle the woes of alcohol and yet we do not haul anyone away for it unless they behave badly.

If I behave badly on marijuana, fine, haul me off, but until then back the fuck up already, Willie said so...

Mike and Tawni Boutin of Grace Farms invite you to contact the Farm located in the Emerald Triangle and make your discovery about what medical marijuana can do for you or someone you love.

The weed wars going on in weed country only serve to sharpen our resolve in changing the obtuse nature of the Federal response in order to form a more perfect union.

Mike & Tawni can be contacted Grace Farm.

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