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Harvest Time

Grace Farms

The fall leaves are rapidly taking over the river valley @ Grace Farms. That and cool nights and warm days are one of the reasons I love fall so much.

With the main harvest in, we have about four holdouts needing another week or so to finish.

This is pretty common for our Grapefruit Kush, and the Lemon Kush, but I didn’t really expect the Blueberry to be a long flowering strain.

Blueberry a DJ Short strain is supposed to have been propagated in Oregon which is a few degrees north of us.

I thought surely this strain will finish ok in NorCal, but no, it is taking a little longer than I like for our Latitude.

At any rate, we look forward to the absolute finishing of harvest this next coming week and seeing you all real soon with a little “Grace”...

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If only I could try one of those I have no idea what any of these are!All we know is reggie here. Unless you are in a mj club. Here we come Colorado I wanna TASTE!


i cant lie, the blueberry is very tasty and gives a very mellow but relaxing high, which will allow you to get through your day..with limited pain,the only downside, there is not alot of it to go around…stay safe and be healthy