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 It's Time For An Honest Conversation about Cannabis!

Is The Drug Czar Ready to Join the Conversation With Mike Boutin?

Gil Kerlikowske

 The tagline for Cannabis Nation Radio has always, and will always be: “It’s time for an honest conversation about marijuana.”

How gratifying to hear the Drug Czar, Gil Kerlikowske on Tuesday say “It is clear we are in the midst of a serious national conversation about marijuana.”

Glad to be of some help sir.  Perhaps you would like to come on the show?

It’s really pretty simple when you get right down to it for me. Without going into all the lengthy arguments to support my position, and I could; we win on every conceivable talking point except the perspective of those who profit off of prohibition.

We win on scientific grounds. We win on spiritual grounds. We win on religious grounds, and societal and economic grounds as well.

When you add it all up the cure is worse than the alleged disease.  So whatever they want to call it, legalization, decriminalization, I’m for no one going to jail for marijuana anymore.

If you want to regulate it and control it, fine. Like all things in our society it will sort itself out and everyone will wonder what all the fuss was about.

We have to stop pursuing a failed policy that only enriches the people who incarcerate for profit and profit off of the cheap labor pool they have now criminalized, and the multinational corporations that sell you synthetic products that are derived from oil, to put in you, and on you, and around you.

But don’t despair, because even if all of that close association with petrochemicals does give you cancer, we have a multi-billion dollar industry to uh (throat clearing) cure you.

Made from petrochemicals of course!!

So while marijuana is capable of killing cancer cells, why doesn’t that get any major press?

Our policies have created the cartels who do not value anything but money, but we throw more money at the problem and say we are fixing it?

 Now we haven’t even gotten into the value of hemp and the 25,000 products you could make naturally, or the cottage industry it would create and the distribution of wealth it would create.

You see, if hemp were legal, and you had land, it would be like having an oil well on your property except for the stinky mess and all the damage to the earth.

There is a huge demand for it. Hemp produces food, fuel, housing, clothing, medicine, and much more. 

There is a reason that you can make so many of the things they make with oil from hemp...

We’ve done it before!

Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity on many levels and it’s time for a change.

It’s time for a huge change.  But the conversation is only getting warmed up.  Check out our show where Julie Rose and I school the Bishop Ron Allen on marijuana, and he makes some surprising confessions. 

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