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Weed Nation - Harvest Time

It's been a busy summer at Grace Farms.  Fall didn't come soon enough, in this part of the Emerald Triangle.  Although I look forward to harvest time with Tawni, there is a part of me that will miss seeing the plants progress day after day.  Any cannabis grower will tell you that pride comes from each crop and the new discovery it brings.  It's a pride that can't be explained in simple terms. In this day of weed wars we know the serious consequences that this medicine brings to some, and yet the true blessing it is to others.  It's kind of why Tawni and I chose the name Grace Farms.  We might be in the middle of a weed war, yet the plant exudes a touch of Grace.   Looking out the window, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, knowing that the cannabis we've nurtured for months is about to be harvested, I wonder what relief this crop of cannabis will bring to the patients.  I'll miss this view of my cannabis friends. ~ Mike Boutin

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