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Grace Farm Property Line Dispute

Recently at Grace Farm, we have been having a little property line dispute with some unpleasant people.

Presented with a demand for payment of some made up and inflated figure of $23,000 for using property we had permission to use from the person we lease from.

Turns out that the foundation for the misunderstanding about the proper line was laid many years back in an agreed upon but unofficial lot line adjustment.

The property assumed to be ours down below was swapped for a piece across the road up above.

At any rate, during the dispute, the other party who were falsely coming after us, made a grave error in cutting a swath of timber 20’ wide, to put up a fence some 70’ off the proper line.

So not only are we absolved from any responsibility, the foul people who were making claims against us have their own legal troubles to worry about.

Moral: Tell the truth, do the right thing, it will work out in the end.

Now who wants some hassle free top quality medication? 

Mike and Tawni Boutin of Grace Farms invite you to contact the Farm located in the Emerald Triangle and make your discovery about what medical marijuana can do for you or someone you love.

The weed wars going on around us only serve to sharpen our resolve in changing the obtuse nature of the Federal response in order to form a more perfect union.

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