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Donald Eugene "Gene" Lewis - December, 2012


 Hello. My name is Donald Eugene Lewis Jr., I live in Rutherfordton NC.

I really want someone to be aware of my story and what’s going on with me.

I'm 54 years old and have never been in trouble before. I've also used cannabis for 40 years.

Last year I was targeted and pulled over for false reasons. I was sitting at a red light when I saw this cop darting across the intersection diagonally, he drove up the oncoming lane for a little bit and then did a 180 degree turn in the parking lot of a store and pulled in right behind me.

I knew at that time that I was about to be pulled. Here in NC since I have moved here I get pulled and searched a lot when a cop sees me driving around with my hair down.

I had just picked up a dime of weed and was headed home to get high and play Xbox. The cop followed me for about two miles until I dodged a pot hole in the road and then he pulled me for "driving left of center." I may have touched the yellow line but I did not drive on the wrong side of the road. Where I was pulled over at I was 1/2 block away from my house.

When the cop walked up to my window and asked for my license, registration and insurance he said he knew I had them, because he had already called me in. I believe he had called it in long before I dodged that pot hole. Anyway, they found my dime of weed and gave me a court date. In court I was ordered to do a substance abuse course, pay a fine of $450 and do community service.

I wouldn't do any of it. I will not cooperate, comply, support or cosign the BS of a liar and a thief in any way I don't care that this bully is the government. I will not comply. I admit I did a few things wrong when this started I plead guilty and thought I would pay a fine and it would be done with. I had no idea the fine would be so high or that they were going to throw all the other crap in with it. When I went back to court I was ordered to do 1 year probation, pay $450 fine, substance abuse course, and community service. I will not do any of that crap. I'm going to jail soon for 45 days.

 I'm terminally ill and worry that I'm not going to survive jail. The DA cut me off in court and the judge would not listen to me when I tried to tell him that I am sick and that my life is close to the end. I feel that everything I have went thru in this crap is wrong and unjust. I know about the governments lies and feel that everyone who has ever been thru the courts for a drug charge has been ripped off.

I consider the government liars and thieves. In good conscious I cannot cosign the bullshit of a liar and thief. I'm starting to be redundant here so I'll end this.

 My fears are that I'm not going to get the rest of the medical test I need, that I wont get my meds like I should be able to, and that I wont get the oxygen I need at night. And, that I may not survive this.

Mornings are my sickest time of day.

If I die in jail I just want someone to be aware of what’s going on and the injustice I have been thru.

I'm not afraid of the courts I had to come to terms last April with the fact that I am at the end of my life. I would gladly give my life to change this stupid law and let nonviolent pot heads out of jail. I hope I live long enough to see this happen and to see KARMA bite our lying, thieving government on the ass!

Thank you, Gene Lewis.
Gene is the name my family and friends call me. You can call me Gene too. Thanks.

P.S. I have emphysema and chronic bronchitis over half my lungs are destroyed my Dr said this is going to kill me. I also have stomach ulcers, deteriorating and bulging disc along with arthritis throughout my spine. I blame cigarettes for the damage to my lungs. I don't smoke much weed anymore but I do love my brownies.

                                    When I have had my meds and some cannabis I am much better.


I may have a couple years left (I hope) but I'll never see my 60th birthday. I want to see people no longer prosecuted for cannabis before I move on.

I'll let you know when my court date/ jail date is and if I make it out I'll be in touch with you guys then too.

Peace ya'll.


Cannabis Nation Radio: Thanks Gene!!                                                                      

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