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Get With The Times!

Midland, TX - Right off the bat I could tell this was one of those towns that is stuck in the dark ages when it comes to weed conduct. Most have trouble admitting they smoke, even when I, as the brazen Cali kid, openly admit I do. As if some federal agent is just waiting to jump down from his helicopter and arrest him for a verbal admission. Essentially, it’s still very much a taboo subject. For a new comer it’s quite difficult to make a connection. Work is your best outlet to make quick friends and quietly ask for their hook up. At entry level, expect “reggie”, which is your Mexican import dirt weed or “bammer” as we like to call it out west. It can be easier to find, and bring you an ounce sometimes under a hundred dollar bill, but just isn’t worth the headache, pun intended. If you are lucky enough to find the one guy selling “Dro” or good weed, then you are easily looking at 20-60-120 dollar break down with no price break as you buy up?? don't ask me! ahh.. one gram please!
“Times change and we change with them” - Latin Proverb
I have traveled many places in my life that have left me at a loss when trying to figure out why they are, the way they are. None so much as Texas. None of these other vexing destinations were filled with as much determination to stay the same as the lone star state. I can understand, if not respect that. However, there  is a time when denying an obviously beneficial change will turn you into the child saying, “It's my ball you can’t play!” In other words, being stubborn to the point of excluding yourself from the majority.  Having strong convictions is always a positive attribute but not when it goes against common sense. In the last state wide poll 41% of residents said they were for the legalization of marijuana and imposing taxes on its purchase. When almost half your state feels a certain way, it becomes your duty as the state legislature to put your personal feelings and agendas aside and reevaluate your stance. Recently two bills that would have brought Texas to the ground floor of marijuana law reform were killed before they ever saw the light of day. HB 184 and HB 594 were bills designed to make medical need a valid defense in pot possession cases and to reduce the penalty for those under the age of 21. I can understand why there are those that still feel smoking marijuana is wrong. It can be hard to stray from what you were taught as a child, as incorrect as it may be, but to still pretend that there are no known medical benefits of the cannabis plant is simply ignorant. Put aside for the moment all the valid medical studies that prove otherwise and look to all the current cancer patients choosing to heal themselves with alternative methods as opposed to modern medicine. A recent poll showed that 73% of all physicians would recommend marijuana to a patient even if it remained illegal under federal law. As we progress with the legalization of marijuana there will be those that choose to stare logic in the face and defy it. That is when it becomes our job as the people to make our voices heard. Follow the change and be the change!