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Julie Rose

 Julie Rose,
Julie's business background includes a passion for research.  Growing up in a conservative upper mid-west city, marijuana was widely available, and commonly used.  As her work expanded her travels, she met many people from all walks of life, and found the same to be true nationwide. 
Julie believes the aggressive enforcement of a commonly available non-toxic plant is wrong. After learning about the extensive medicinal benefits, federal patients receiving free monthly tins of 300 pre-rolled joints from the federal government, and the U.S. Department of Health patent on cannabis, she felt it was time to educate others. That includes educating about the vast benefits to the earth and also health from non-psychoactive hemp which offers many benefits as well, and to this day is imported rather than farmed by American farmers. It is interesting to note that Julie Rose does not use marijuana, yet after extensive research she has come to find that most users lack complete knowledge of the compounds and their effects including benefits as well as the risks of marijuana, and that blocking research studies has contributed to a great misunderstanding and loss of enormous benefits that are being missed by utilizing the cannabis plant. Prohibition has caused more harm, than good.  The focus by illegal growers over past decades was on increasing the THC (that's what gets you high).  While increasing the THC, they unknowingly decreased a very important, and potentially more beneficial compound, cannabidiol, aka CBD.  Although many states have legalized marijuana, we are still not hearing much mention about hemp. 

Julie Rose believes no patient should never face jail time for using cannabis to treat health problems, and limited amounts of low THC cannabis should be available to adults for social use as well as nutritional preventive care, as in its fresh raw form it shows enormous potential as a powerful antioxidant without psychoactive effects, when eaten and juiced fresh from the garden. Farmers across the country should have the opportunity available to them to farm hemp, which can be used to produce food, fuel, fiber, paper, plastics, cloth, hempcrete (building material), plus used as soil remediation to effectively cleanup contaminated soil.   "We are biological beings living in a synthetic world, and it isn't working out well as evidenced by the vast health problems." ~ Julie Rose

The war on Cannabis and the people who use it is immoral and unjust. It is time for an honest conversation about Marijuana that will help lead the way to ending prohibition of all Cannabis, which includes hemp. The primary mission at Cannabis Nation news is to educate through conversation, giving listeners a platform where they can call-in to discuss local issues relating to marijuana, and learn what others are doing to repeal laws that turn farmers, patients, and ordinary citizens into criminals.  You are not alone.

Together we are the Cannabis Nation!