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Howard Wooldridge - September 7th, 2012

Howard Wooldridge - September 7th, 2012

Howard Wooldridge spent 18 years in law enforcement in central Michigan, working his way up to detective, prior to retiring from law enforcement.  Prior to becoming a cop he knew the war on drugs was a bad policy, and during his years on the force he saw first hand, how much time and money was wasted chasing a plant.  People with drug problems should seek medical attention, rather than be arrested and spending valuable police resources that could be better spent putting pedophiles in jail, and investigating other serious crimes. 

Howard traveled from Georgia to Oregon, and then from California to New York City, on his horse Misty, educating individuals and groups along the way, about why the drug war is an expensive dismal failure.  He wrote a book about his adventure through the eyes of his horse "Misty," titled "Misty's Long Ride," which can be found below.  His determination to spread the message was evident in the message on the t-shirts he wore on his coast to coast adventures, "Cops Say Legalize Pot, Ask me Why." 

Howard talks about some of the adventures he encountered on his coast to coast trips, as well as his adventures in the halls of Congress.  Howard provided many good points, one that is especially important for the listener to take away, is the fact that letters to Congress really do matter.  He said writing a letter to your representatives every 6 months is very important, as it lets them know that if they support change, you support them. 

Howard is one of the original 5 founders of "LEAP," (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), and the Founder of "COPS," (Citizens Opposing Prohibition).  More recently he can be found walking the halls of congress, educating representatives about the failed war on drugs.   Misty has been resting up for her next ride coming up in Colorado.   Please click on "cannabis 090712" to listen to the audio of this show on the above audio player. 

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Howard's wife is a big supporter too!