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Dr. Jahan Marcu

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Dr. Jahan Marcu - Court Qualified Cannabinoid Expert


Jahan Marcu, Ph.D., is the Vice-Chair of the Americans for Safe Access Multidisciplinary Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Marcu is currently investigating the pharmacology of cannabinoid receptors at Temple University. He received his Ph.D. for studying the CB1 receptor, and the role of the endocannabinoid system in bone. Dr. Marcu is also court qualified cannabis and synthetic cannabinoid expert and received the Cannabis Researcher of the Year award for 2012. 

Dr. Marcu is currently the Vice-Chair of the Americans for Safe Access Multidisciplinary Scientific Advisory Board, and blogs about cannabinoids at the Philadelphia Examiner.

Before earning his Ph.D., Dr. Marcu worked at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute studying the anti-cancer properties of compounds from the cannabis plant. The findings were published in the Journal of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

Dr. Marcu is one of the few people in the world who holds the title of “Master of Cannabis” , which he received after accepting an invitation to complete a Masterclass on cannabis, in Holland at the Universities of Leiden and Wageningen. 

Dr. Marcu effectively translates complex scientific concepts to a lay audience and is developing international networks of key cannabis researchers. He has served as a volunteer for Americans for Safe Access (ASA) since 2003 and is currently the vice-chair the ASA Medical and Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Marcu has lectured on the subject of cannabinoid science at Universities, medical cannabis cooperatives, libraries, and high schools. Dr. Marcu is a contributing author and editor of numerous online publications including: projectCBD.org, O'Shaughnessy's: The Journal Of Cannabis In Clinical Practice (beyondthc.com), and the sensible science blog at freedomisgreen.com.  

Dr. Marcu is also a court qualified cannabis and synthetic cannabinoid expert.

A recent scientific publication can be found here:
A recent interview can be found here:
A recent science presentation at a conference can be found here:


DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not represent Temple University or its affiliates.

Please Submit Questions or Comments for Dr. Jahan Marcu Below

Dear Dr. Marcu,

I have stage 4 colon cancer. Do you think cannabis oil can slow down the progress? Does it work for some people but not for others? For lung mets, will inhale vapor be more effective?

Thanks a lot!


Dear Dr. Marcu,
On Dec. 2011, I was diagnosed and treated for stage 3 breast cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy and treated with 4 different types of chemo therapy. I am currently suffering from the following side effects: myofascial pain syndrome, neuropathy, severe fatigue, post right atrium blood clot in the heart, mental fog, memory loss, anxiety, and depression. Can you please advise me on which strain of cannabis to use and where can I acquire this? I also, have the gene for ovarian cancer....Please help me. I have done hours and hours of research on cannabis and believe this is the path I want to go. I dont believe in getting high on marijuana, I am looking at the medical aspect of cannabis. Thank you and I hope to hear from you asap.

Dear Dr. Marcu,

My Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that was metastasized to her bones a couple years ago. We just found out that it has spread to her liver and they want to start chemo right away. I am very scared as to where else the cancer can spread and the effects the chemo will have on her. Can you please advise on which strain of cannabis we should acquire or where i can acquire this?

Thank you

Dr.Dr.My name is Paul and my fiancee's son Andrew 24 yrs is at about Stage 4 with a Malignant Brain Tumor.He lives in Centralia Wa,near Olympia. The Doctor said,"She removed majority of the cancer,but there were more hairs on end of tumor,and didn't want to cut the brain more.She wants to start chemo right away.He refuses to listen to us about alternative meds,including Hemp Oil.What percentage of hemp strains,should we try to get him,plus we started a fund to help him with his alternative treatment,but he is being very ignorant and arrogant with our important alternative approach vs chemo.I am trying to find some reputable medical dispensaries around Olympia,for them to deliver or pick up.His mother is very upset at his decision to NOT try to go with Hemp Oil.What is the most most potent of Strains,we could use for him.Thank you,so much Dr. Marcu
Paul and Shar Ortega
311 e.Tokay st
Lodi,ca 95240

I have just been diagnosed with Albright's Hereditary Osteodystrophy. My son was diagnosed first, luckily he's only 2-1/2, but I am 30 and am in Pain Management, worked all the way to Epidural Injections.
Is there a cannabis product that can help reverse the effects of the osteodystrophy and hopefully eleiviate some of the pain I am in.

Dear Dr. Marcu,

My son is a type one diabetic (long term) having come down with the disease at age 2 and is now 31 years old. He also has hypoglycemia unawareness which affects about 10% of type one diabetics, and causes the body not to be able to feel the warning signs of onset of low blood sugar, which is dangerous and leads to insulin seizures. As one would expect, the medical marijuana proved to be very helpful with diabetic neuropathy and helped with clearer vision. What was surprising to me, was that he developed low blood sugar awareness and could very often feel the onset of low blood sugar before it became an emergency situation. Occasionally, when his blood sugar did drop into the 30's, he did not slip into seizure and was able to function well enough to get some orange juice down in time. I know their are studies which have been done to show that marijuana is an effective anti seizure medication for epileptic seizure's, however, I cannot find a study to show how marijuana is effective in preventing the type of diabetic seizures my son is prone to due to hypoglycemia unawareness. Do you know why marijuana would dramatically slow the onset of low blood sugar seizure? I would like to know why marijuana works this way.
Thank you.

Does ingesting cannabis (e.g. in the form of butter which has obviously been heated)have the same effect on the body as smoking or vaporising it? If not, how does it differ?

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