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Jessica Asplund - December, 2012


Last night was interesting.

I got in a battle royal with a bunch of people on a 9news comment section. There are an astonishing amount of people who believe cannabis is a toxic substance, because it makes you high....they fail to understand science. The high you experience is your bodies reaction to the THC compound in the cannabis plant. It is NOT because you ingested a poison and are in physical distress.

Also a RN kept saying that cannabis IS toxic because people are allergic. I have not went to med school but even I understand what an allergic reaction is.

Lets say your little Suzie is allergic to cats. That does not make cats toxic. (DUH). That means she has a physiological response to said allergen and that for her, exposure to cats can trigger an adverse response. That is the same with cannabis. Being allergic to something does not make it toxic on a global scale.

Then a pro alcohol, redneck from Craig looses his marbles because we believe alcohol contributes to violent crime and is not so great lol. THEN he threatens my friend, who is also very educated and has the ass beating skills of a gorilla.

What I've learned:
You can't fix stupid, and violence and threats are the go to for peoples whose balls are bigger than their brains.


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