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John Kelly Interview

John Kelly - Expert Witness - Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author - June 29, 2012

John Kelly is a Court Qualified Drug Test Expert,  as well as a Pulitzer Prize nominated Author of "TAINTING EVIDENCE: INSIDE THE SCANDALS AT THE FBI CRIME LAB," and can be contacted at BeatMarijuana Charges.com

John also authored "FALSE Positives - EQUAL FALSE JUSTICE" which is an in-depth study of tests for controlled substances, and he's more recently been spending his time researching controlled substances drug testing under the direction of Dr. Frederick Whitehurst, a Ph.D. chemist  and court-certified defense expert on drug testing,  for his soon to be released new book which is expected to hit shelves in August.  

Cases Highlighting John's Expert Witness Experience:

1999, Served as a court certified defense expert for attorney James Sheriff in the case of  People of California vs. John A. Bertsch.
2007, Awarded grants for research and the writing of a book on drug tests from the Marijuana Policy Project, the Mintwood Media Collective, and the Nation Institute.
2009, Served as defense expert for attorney William Ullman in the marijuana case of Broward County vs. Robin Rae Brown and am now serving as a defense expert for their lawsuit.
2009, Served as a defense expert for public defender Kyle Tracy in the cocaine case of an unidentified juvenile in San Francisco.
2009, Served as a defense expert for public defender Bronlow Speer in the cocaine case of Commonwealth v Carlos Fernandez in Massachusetts.