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Kristina Marie - May 24, 2013

Kristina Marie - Inoperable Brain Tumor - Astrocytoma Grade 2 - Treating with Cannabis Concentrate

My name is Kristina and I am 24 years old and I was diagnosed with an inoperable and incurable brain tumor (Astrocytoma Grade 2) May 18th 2012, life expectancy 5 years.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but this diagnosis would change my life in a profound and amazing way.

This is where our journey begins….

Life before my diagnosis was a lot like any other 24-year-old female. I had a lot of hope for my future; I was working, going to school for forensic psychology and I had just started dating my boyfriend.  Life was perfect.  I loved to dirt bike, rock climb, camp, hangout with my friends and just spend time with my family.  I was a very active young lady, who lived life to the fullest and I will admit that I took a lot of things for granted, especially my health.

I never thought that I would have to worry about it as many times as I have in my life. When I was 19 my appendix ruptured and nearly killed me. It had been festering in me for four days before I made it to a hospital. All of my organs were shutting down, I had and infection in my blood and both of my lungs had collapsed. Needless to say, it was a very long recovery and according to doctors I shouldn’t have survived. But I don’t take that kind of news lying down, not to mention I had a brain tumor at this point and hadn’t found out yet. So, I fought for my life and won!! But unfortunately had to face my mortality for a second time in my life when I was diagnosed with the brain tumor and I decided to take that same attitude this go around, even though the diagnosis was hopeless.

When I was first diagnosed the usual emotions ran through my head, I was terrified and I was in no way prepared for the road ahead, but I took it head on. The doctors didn’t do much to ease my suffering, with endless amount of needless pharmaceuticals that did nothing but make me sicker than I ever was before. They gave me only five years to live without any treatment and possibly five more with radiation, but they told me there was no cure for this type of brain tumor. I wasn’t expecting to not see my 30th birthday, which is a terrifying thought. At this point I realized that conventional medicine wasn’t for me. I declined to do the radiation because I wanted to enjoy what might be the last few years of my life.

Luckily, I had met a stranger, who quickly became a close friend, who said they had a cure for cancer. Oddly enough, this is the same person that took me to the emergency room when I blacked out and was diagnosed. When he presented the hemp oil to me, I knew in my heart that the oil was my cure. What solidified me for using this was the fact that the website for the oil was phoenixtears.ca and I already had a phoenix tattooed on my arm from when I died the first time.  In my gut I knew at this point that I would be fine and that I was going to make it through the darkness again. It is hard to explain how I trust my gut with everything since I was a child and it has never steered me wrong.  So, I did play Russian roulette with my life, but lucky for me I made the right bet.

As of right now, the tumor is shrinking, but the doctors do not admit that it is getting smaller. But I see the MRI images and that is all that I need to know that I am getting better, even if they want to keep their heads buried in the sand. I did have a few months where I did do the medications they asked of me and I had never felt more like death in my entire life and I will never do pharmaceuticals again in my life. I have made it my goal in life to get this word out, that people have other options. I have abandoned my degree as of now and I want to go into nutrition to hopefully become a naturopath.

The following image shows the tumor the day of surgery on the right, and on the left is approximately 6 months after surgery. 

Julie Rose - Thank you Kristina Marie for sharing your story.  Kristina Marie joins the ranks of cancer patients who are finding that cannabis concentrate kills cancer.  Dennis Hill a biochemist from the cancer industry told Cannabis Nation Radio that he chose cannabis concentrate over the other "traditional western medicine" choices to treat his advanced stage prostate cancer as he saw first hand the barbaric treatment of patients with little improvement in survival.  Sometimes as low as 2%.  Yet the surviving families were often left in ruins with a pile of debt they could not afford. 

Corrie Yelland was ready to throw in the towel, when she reluctantly took the time to learn about Cannabis Concentrate aka Rick Simpson Oil and decided it was the right approach for her since the was told by doctors that the alternative therapy (some call it the standard treatment... I prefer to call it the alternative treatment since cannabis has been used for centuries) required her to have radiation which could have resulted in her privates being fused together.  Not to mention she didn't think it made much sense to be using radiation (a cancer causing substance) on cancer. 

Then there is Constance Finley who almost died after taking Humira for her ankylosis spondylitis (a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis) when she stumbled upon studies showing that cannabis can halt her disease.  Since then she started making cannabis concentrate to heal herself and to her surprise the results have been better than the prescription drugs she was being switched to time and time again to ease the side effects that each drug created.  She is especially grateful for the fact that she no longer suffers extreme side effects like she did from prescription drugs.  She is now treating Stage 4 cancer patients who are referred to her by an oncologist, and so far with the cannabis oil she has a 96% success rate.  That is unheard of in the world of stage 4 cancer.  Although she is realistic in pointing out that she has been at it roughly 18 months and the 5 year mark will tell the true tale.  Regardless, healing is happening, and the healing includes happiness, restful sleep and appetites that encourage healing, and interaction with family and friends instead of withdrawing and focusing on  hard to manage side effects such as nauseau, and pain.

Although many are learning about the cancer killing properties of cannabis, especially cannabis concentrate, the stories surrounding its use are not always rosy.  The negative aspects however are not brought on by the plant itself, but rather by a system that crucifies its users even in the name of healing.   One guest, Joseph Casias, was treating pressure in his head from a brain tumor in the evenings to get more restful sleep.  Walmart didn't approve and fired him from the job he held in high regard and won awards doing even though Joseph lives in Michigan, a state where marijuana is approved for medical use, his Dr. recommended the marijuana, and he had registered with the state as required by his state law.   His supervisors held him in high regard, evidenced by the awards he was presented.   Walmart didn't care. 

So with each step forward, we need to remember that there are still many more people to educate, and many more doors to open before cannabis finds its rightful place back in nature where mother earth intended her to be.  Marijuana heals people.  Hemp heals the earth.