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 It's Time For An Honest Conversation about Cannabis!

Seminole, Texas - Immediately I felt a different vibe from this town. Literally the first person I spoke to about marijuana was more than happy to “set me up” with his buddy. Called him for me, drove me there, and with a smile, made the exchange. Now I’m not one for over paranoia, but this was down right easy. I wondered if I just exuded a pot smoking, non-cop aura, or if he was just a very trusting person. Either way, I was smoking within an hour of my first attempt to buy. His prices for Dro were a very refreshing 20 a gram, with a possible two for thirty-five deal, an eighth for 55 (not too bad) and a quarter for an impressive Texas price of 95 (and he didn’t have reggie or even know where to get it) I felt like I was back in California! I grabbed a two for thirty-five deal to see how I liked it. We sat around his typical stoner couch and cluttered coffee table setup, and smoked out of his beautiful Zong. It was one of those moments where you hit the bong, or Zong as it were, and just instantly realize that you are going to be STONED. Maybe it was the two minutes of coughing or the gigantic hit I took, but I was thoroughly impressed. I dazed out for a minute to let my mind adjust, and then the stoner conversations began! Oh how I love a good stoned conversation. Everything was discussed. I’m sure even the meaning of life found it’s way into our intellectual debate. Eventually, as the haze cleared, I asked why they were so trusting and open about their marijuana smoking and selling? Especially being in a state like Texas. He went on to tell me that their town was very pro marijuana. I was quite shocked to hear this and wondered if he was given the right to speak for the whole town of Seminole, or if he was just very pro marijuana himself. I would guess it’s the latter. Either way he seemed very convinced that no one would ever turn him in. I hope for his sake he’s right. It seems that even in the midst of an anti-common sense type state like Texas, you can find the rose in the desert. The quality of cannabis in this town was pretty damn outstanding. One of the best so far. It's got to be that Colorado border creeping closer! Good for you Seminole, show the rest of Texas how to grow, and Keep on Rolling!

Marijuana Legalization is Coming!

As most I'm sure are aware, there has been a snowball effect of marijuana laws being passed across the nation. Some want to be on the forefront of the medical field, others want to break into the lucrative industrial hemp industry, and some just want to get in on the profit of it all. However, there are a few in particular that have truly caught the attention of the Federal Government, and for good reason. After Colorado’s blanket recreational use law (that the government has still yet to respond too) some states took that as an open door and walked right through. Those who are educated about the actual history of the War on Marijuana and how it began, are aware that hemp and its threat to the timber industry, were the primary catalyst. States like Kentucky have passed pro hemp bills, but like most, still plan to wait until the Feds lift the ban. In contrast, Vermont has passed a bill that completely nullifies the governments ban on hemp in their state. There are currently nine states that have lifted the ban on hemp but all have a stipulation that states the ban must first be lifted on a federal level for them to proceed. Like Colorado, Vermont will proceed regardless of the federal law banning hemp cultivation.

Mike Maharrey, national communications director for the Tenth Amendment Center, tells us:
“I like hemp. The Vermont bill is more aggressive than the other bills we’ve seen pass. I’ve been heavily involved in Kentucky with the passing of their hemp bill, but they are waiting for the feds to actually lift the ban. This means that farmers still will not be able to cultivate. Vermont’s bill allows farmers to go straight ahead regardless of the federal law. This is a straight nullification bill. It gives them the green light as soon as they receive the licence from the state. I think this development is extremely important for the states because you will see markets develop and flourish. If more states begin to follow this path then the federal government may be forced to lift the ban. The US is the only industrialized nation that doesn’t allow cultivation of hemp. We have to import all of it. In fact, the US imports 1/2 of all Canada’s hemp. We have thousands of manufacturing companies and stores importing raw hemp and hemp products.“

California is once again trying to take the reins in this battle for cannabis freedom. On August 5, 2013, California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014 filed The California Hemp Act 2014, also known as the Jack Herer Initiative, with the state's Attorney General. This amendment would prohibit the arrest or prosecution of anyone who possesses, cultivates, transports, distributes, or consumes cannabis hemp marijuana in any form within California. It even goes on to say:

"No California law enforcement personnel or funds shall be used to assist or aid and abet in the enforcement of Federal cannabis hemp marijuana laws involving acts that are hereby no longer illegal in the State of California," reads CHA. "Any person who threatens the enjoyment of these provisions is guilty of a misdemeanor. The maximum penalties and fines of a misdemeanor may be imposed."

These types of bills will continue to arise all over the nation with the government showing that they simply do not

know what to do about this entire movement. These trailblazing states are jumping on the “we don’t care what you DON’T say” ban wagon and powering forward with their marijuana laws with or without federal approval. This marks a chapter for our country where the people’s opinion begins to matter once again.

Follow the change, be the change.

Ryan Cristian