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Michigan Medical Marijuana September 13, 2013

It isn't often that we get a chance to gather in the same room with some of the most well seasoned and educated advocates for marijuana reform. So when this opportunity presented itself in Michigan we grabbed a handful of some of the most wonderful, knowledgeable, and dedicated  marijuana advocates to talk shop.  Mike traveled to Michigan along with his wife Tawni and Nate Morris (all were featured on the Discovery Channel TV show "Weed Country"), where they met with other knowledgeable experts such as Dr. Robert Melameade "Dr. Bob", and dozens of marijuana advocates and educators.  The purpose was to educate legislators in Michigan who were apparently in the process of re-writing rules disallowing cannabis concentrate.  Anyone educated in the science of marijuana understands that concentrated cannabinoids extracted from the marijuana plant create a very powerful medicine that has been effectively treating a wide range of conditions for patients that can go beyond the benefits of smoking marijuana for some patients who need more concentrated medicine with a different delivery method. 

Alice O'leary,  talked about how far the movement has come, and the stress the laws put on patients and caregivers which sometimes creates unnecessary but understandable rifts.  Mary Lynn Mathre of  "Patients Out of Time" brought up the importance of teaching people about the endocannabinoid system.  With this knowledge, it is a natural step to understanding the vast medical applications for cannabinoids derived from cannabis (phytocannabinoids),  due to their ability to mimic cannabinoids produced in the human body (endocannabinoids).  Nate Morris of Weed Country fame joined in the conversation to point out the exceptional quality and wealth of information presented by the Patients Out of Time conference and mentioned his hopes for bringing similar conferences to Canada.  Becca Hollandsworth pointed out the broad range of talent assembled in the room encompassing newcomers to seasoned veterans all advocating for the same thing, an end to marijuana prohibition, all learning from each other by sharing a broad range of information including scientific breakthroughs, policy changes, and even the learning that comes from business and personal squabbles encountered while the struggle to end prohibition slowly but steadily moves forward.