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Mykayla Comstock

Mykayla Comstock - Child Leukemia Patient - June 7, 2013


Mykayla Comstock was born June 20th 2005. Just after turning 7, on July 14th 2012  she was diagnosed with Leukemia. An Oregon resident and one of the youngest medical marijuana patients in the state if not the nation.  Born the daughter of Erin Purchase and Jesse Comstock who are now divorced, Mykayla is being raised by her mother Erin and Erin’s fiance Brandon Krezler in Pendelton, Oregon and travels to Portland for regular treatment.


Mykayla’s parents are very much believers in cannabis but not to the point of shunning traditional treatment that Mykayla is also undergoing for the next 2 to 3 years. They advocate for the medicinal use of cannabis and share their story with others in order to educate and spread hope and information.


Even though Mykayla's T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia had metastasized to her brain and spinal fluid she is seeing improvement after the first round of chemo and her medical cannabis regimen of whole extract cannabis oil and juice derived from raw cannabis.


Mykayla's parents and others like them are faced with a controversial choice in today's society. With what we know about the current paradigm of medical care it is hard to place very much trust in the system when everywhere around the world people are being reawakened to a natural plant medicine that has served man for thousands of years.


The choice was a natural for Erin and Brandon as medical marijuana advocates and 10 days after the diagnosis Mykayla had her Oregon medical marijuana card.


Mykayla's story caught fire in November of 2012 and became a national story including an appearance on the Ricki Lake show in January of this year.


Other children like Jayden who was featured in “Weed Wars” and Ben who was in “Weed Country” are helped by medical marijuana for a lot of illnesses besides cancer, and it is for parents of and children like these that Mykayla's parents share their story with anyone who will listen.


The fact that something in the marijuana plant had an effect on seizures was known way back in 1949 as it was documented in a major newspaper story. A study in 1974 showed that cannabis put cancerous tumors into remission.

What it was that was going on could not have been known then, and how it even worked for that matter, as the endo-cannabinoid system had yet to be discovered, but never the less, it is not a secret anymore and parents like Erin and Brandon feel they and others like them deserve the right to choose.