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Nicholas Black

Nicholas Black - Former NYPD Officer - Healing with Medical Marijuana - Featured on Discovery Channel Show Weed Country - February 15, 2013


Nicholas Black worked as a New York Police Officer for close to 20 years before he was injured in a fall that left him with avascular necrosis of the hip. The blood supply to his hip was drastically diminished, and progressively worsening.   Nicholas has never walked the same since that day.  Nicholas said it takes lots of work to look healthy when you're sick.  That is one thing that often frustrates many medical marijuana advocates who are fighting a wide range of disease, and accused of gaming the system.  Looking ok on the outside, often doesn't reflect what is going on in the inside. 

Nicholas went through a period of using large amounts of pain pills to reduce the excruciating pain that this type of injury can leave.  A hip replacement was suggested, but would be required to be repeated, and since he was just shy of 20 years on the force, his insurance would not come close to covering the cost of a high priced surgery. 

When Nicholas was introduced to marijuana he was amazed that it helped the pain, since by this time his dose of pain medication was excessive.  He did what many medical marijuana patients have been known to do.  He slowly reduced his pain medication, and started to use medical marijuana exclusively which left him more clear headed, allowing him to start researching how to repair his body from the devastating effects of avascular necrosis. 

His research led him to nutrition, and a new perspective on life.  He started eating an organic diet of mostly fruits and vegetables.  He cut out all the things that can counteract a body that is trying to heal starting with alcohol, which had been a big part of his life, since his family owned a bar, and included a long line of family bartenders. 

More research led him to begin to understand there was more to marijuana than just pain relief, and he knew some of the best marijuana in the world was grown in California.  Nick had his eye on California.  He used social media to try to find a grower that could provide organic marijuana and eventually contacted Mike Boutin of Grace Farms collective in the heart of the Emerald Triangle.  Mike asked about his condition, and told him if he made it to California to contact him thinking he would never hear from him again, as Mike was used to turning sick people away due to conflicting regulations on marijuana. 

Eventually Nick made it to California, but was turned away by several people in his search for a marijuana caregiver after they found out he was a former officer with the NYPD.  Even a landlord turned him down.  He tried many dispensaries but knew he needed outdoor grown, organic marijuana, to get the highest level of healing cannabinoids, which again led him to Mike Boutin with Grace Farms collective.  Nicholas continues to eat healthy, which includes as part of his diet, a daily dose of fresh raw marijuana from Grace Farms.  There is truth in the cliche' "we are what we eat." Nick's condition has improved to the point that his new Doctor did not want to give him a handicap placard for his car. The osteoporosis of the spine that set in after the fall is gone.  Both Mike Boutin and Nicholas Black will be featured on Weed Wednesdays at 10pm est on the upcoming show on Discovery Weed Country