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North Carolina Representative Kelly Alexander Requests Apology from the GOP to Medical Marijuana Advocates

The 58% of North Carolina citizens who support a change in our drug laws to permit the regulated and taxed use of medical cannabis to alleviate pain and suffering are deserving of an apology from the House GOP leadership, who characterized their letters, emails, phone calls and office visits as “annoying."

Article I, Section 12 of the North Carolina Constitution, says in part. “The people have a right to assemble together to consult for their common good, to instruct their representatives, and to apply to the General Assembly for redress of grievances…”What is annoying to the GOP leadership, is an exercise of constitutional rights to the rest of us.

When elected representatives are so important that they no longer have the time to dialogue with citizens, even citizens they disagree with, then it is time to seek new representatives.

Absolute power is never a good thing in a republic because it breeds arrogant indifference to the voices whose opinions are different from the majority. The proponents of medical cannabis are of all political persuasions; they are veterans; homemakers; sons and daughters; caregivers and the afflicted. They have in common a belief in the power of our political system to listen; weigh facts presented in deliberative forums and to ultimately adopt public policy that will align with the will of the people.

A twenty minute hearing before the Rules Committee meets the letter of the law, but disregards its spirit with a cavalier indifference to both public opinion and science. The issues raised by HB84 are not going away. They cry out from the unfavorable calendar for a serious public hearing where those for and those against medical cannabis can present evidence before a group of open minded legislators and an on the record vote.

What we have had so far is Kabuki Theater.

Citizens should continue to make their opinions known to the House GOP leadership concerning medical cannabis, secure in the knowledge that the state constitution protects their right to petition and seek redress or in the words of the GOP leadership, “to be annoying."


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