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Julia with Peter McWilliams.org - December 7, 2012

Peter McWilliams - Author, Director, Photographer - Marijuana Advocate - December 7, 2012

The life and times of Peter McWilliams who was born in Michigan in 1949 and died in June of 2000, is discussed with Julia from PeterMcWilliams.org

During his lifetime Peter wrote books, over 40 of them, mostly self help and poetry, including 5 New York Times best sellers.

He was a photographer and also wrote, produced and directed a film called “The Greatest Story Overtold.”

Peter was libertarian in his political views and gave an address to the 1998 Libertarian Convention where he “came out” as a gay man.  

Peter's book “Ain’t Nobody's Business if You Do” is considered to be the Libertarians Bible! 

Peter was diagnosed with aids and cancer in 1996, the same year that proposition 215 was passed in California allowing for the medical use of marijuana.  

Peter became one hell of a Medical Marijuana advocate and ended up in trouble with the Federal government and was not allowed to use Medical Marijuana and it is alleged that complications from this barbaric decision led directly to his death as his nausea was not able to be controlled.

Peter had many supporters and among them some seemingly unusual ones including William F. Buckley Jr. a notoriously staunch conservative.

Peter inspired people of all walks of life and was a man of the “Arts." 

He has been and will continue to be missed by the people who knew him and knew his value.  

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