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Robert H Moore




Robert H. Moore Jr. is a New Jersey resident born in Boston Massachusetts in 1973.  He describes himself as an “American Black Man."  Robert has found himself in the conundrum between state and federal law concerning cannabis hemp or marijuana if you will.


Robert started the company Gamphace in 2007.  A hemp business, Gamphace partnered with Federal Industrial Hemp of U.S, LLC in 2011.


Partnered with this company and in possession of all the federal paperwork Robert became the only lawfully created, federally approved industrial hemp farmer in the state of New Jersey.  Up to now, so far so good but that’s where the story gets complicated.


When Robert was caught with less than a gram of cannabis, he was entered into the court system.

This despite the fact that an “Exemptee”  from the controlled substances act can possess controlled substances legally under law. This fact is being ignored by the state courts and they have made an attempt to “negative” the exemption even though the letter of the law explains that is not necessary.


In the haste to prosecute, the state has created a situation in where they cannot admit a mistake and cannot move forward within what would be considered a reasonable time for this alleged offense.


This is no doubt an interesting case to talk about as many states have passed laws allowing for the growing of industrial hemp; this goes a little further in that a mans right to speedy trial is being ignored and his legal standing prior to the alleged crime is also being ignored.


This is not the first time that a Cannabis Nation Radio guest is the victim of government enforcers ignoring the law.


Robert desires to fight his case in the courts but the court will not schedule a date which brings up the right to a speedy trial issue and more questions than answers.


Robert was recently able to attend an event where Governor Christie took questions from the audience and Robert was able to ask the Governor about a few things. We look forward to hearing the questions and the Governors response in this complicated situation.


Hemp is a variation of cannabis sativa.  It is thought by many to be the most useful plant known to mankind.  Hemp is used for industrial purposes, food products, and in health and beauty products, as well as medicinal uses. A Colorado company, Dixie Elixirs is extracting CBD from hemp cake imported from other countries. CBD is highly medicinal. Hemp does not contain a high enough  level of THC to induce a "high," yet is often confused with marijuana.  Hemp oil is pressed from the seeds of hemp. Hemp oil contains the perfect ratio of omega fatty acids 3 and 6 and also provides a major portion of the amino acids our bodies need.


Besides the nutritional benefits from hemp seed oil, the industrial uses of hemp are vast.  Hemp can be used to produce paper, biodegradable plastics, animal bedding, fuel, and cosmetics.  Additionally hemp is used as a "mop crop" to clear impurities out of wastewater such as sewage, excessive phosphorous from chicken litter, or other unwanted substances or chemicals.  Eco-technologist Dr. Keith Bolton from Southern Cross University in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia, is a leading researcher in this area. Hemp is being used to clean contaminants at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site. This is known as phytoremediation.