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 It's Time For An Honest Conversation about Cannabis!

  Odessa. Texas - On first arrival it seemed to be very much like Midland, which is very close in proximity. Most seemed off put by the entire topic of marijuana. Those that claimed to know a guy that knows a guy only seemed to produce reggie at best. They took up half my day and most likely a nug from my bag as a facilitator payment.

From the currently fastest growing city in the United States I expected a little more accessibility. However, after meeting a few down to earth people at a local pub I was awakened to an entirely new depth of cannabis wonderment.

I have had my share of some intensely groovy edibles and, being the classically trained chef that I am, have made some cookies that would sit down the most veteran of smokers.

This fantastic woman, after finding out what I do, invited me back to relax with her friends and enjoy some of their homemade edible experiments. At this point I am excited to meet such perfect stoners like myself that would invite a complete stranger/fellow traveler back to their home simply in good nature. I am expecting some brownies, chocolate chip cookies or maybe even a rice crispy treat or two. When I see the types of food they begin to pull out I fall into a combination of chef and stoner intoxication. I see lasagna, meatballs, pastas, and even salsa.

At first I almost thought they were playing a joke on me. Make fun of the marijuana enthusiast! The more I talk with this woman, the more I become determined to make her my future wife, she explains how she has just moved back home from Seattle. While in Washington she was inspired by a new local dispensary that was selling savory food using marijuana for the THC, as well as the flavor. Inspired by the marijuana lasagna on the menu, she decided to give it a try. I was just lucky enough to cross her path when I did. 

Not only was this one of the better lasagnas I have had (the marijuana really infusing well with the sauce) but after playing a few games and enjoying their company, I realized I could barely get off the couch. I consider myself a heavyweight when it comes to marijuana in any form, but after that night of gluttony and cannabis bliss, I had to know what she did different. Lucky for me she wasn’t shy about sharing her recipes. Odessa, you will forever have a place in my pipe, or my oven. Keep on rolling!

My Cannabis Queen’s Recipe

So the first thing I discovered about her recipe is that she does not use your run of the mill cannabis butter. She uses what they call Budder, or very pure hash oil. Making it is a very complicated process, that I don’t even trust myself to do, but if you feel the need to experiment here is a link to the recipe, use with caution:

Budder Recipe

If making cannabis butter, It is important to not just melt the butter with the marijuana. You must boil some water and melt the butter within the water. Then add the shake or ground bud and simmer for what I’m told can be as long as five hours. The time is necessary if you want to achieve the type of ‘knock-you-on-your-ass’ effect that I was fortunate enough to experience. Here is a link to the cannabis butter recipe:

Cannabis Butter

Obviously the higher the marijuana to butter ratio, the more potent the butter will be. And of course the quality of the weed you are using will also effect the outcome, and the terpene profile of the weed will also  effect the flavor.  After you have your preferred vessel for the THC, it is now time to decide how to apply your newly acquired culinary delight. I have become infatuated with the savory application of the marijuana herb but sticking with the classics is always a safe bet. Here is a list of some good basic recipes I have tried that I believe will bring a smile to your face and some veins to your eyes. Just add the butter to which ever recipe you choose and enjoy.



    Lasagna (use the cannabis butter in the sauce)

    Meatballs (mix the cannabis butter with the parmesan cheese)

    Pasta (this basic sauce recipe accentuates the natural marijuana flavor, and can be tossed                     with pasta or used as a dip)

    Salsa (instead of the olive oil you can use melted cannabis butter; or infuse the olive oil with cannabis by the same process as making the cannabis butter but without the water)

    Brownies (I’m sure this one is familiar to you all)

    Cookies (send me some when you’re done!)