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Ron Varasteh - 11/2/2012

Ron Varasteh - Candidate for U.S. Congress - Orange County, CA District - November 2, 2012

Ron Varasteh is a grassroots U.S. Congressional Candidate running on the Democratic ticket against a long time Republican incumbent who has extensive funding and name recognition. In other words, Ron Varasteh has a steep uphill battle on his hands. Although his opponent promised only to run twice, he's been the congressman representing the 48th district in Orange County, California for close to 30 years now. 

Ron Varasteh has been a resident of Orange County, California for over 30 years. During that time he started a Data Communication business built around his fields of education: Science and Engineering.  He was also instrumental in organizing Occupy Orange County in Irvine last year.  Ron has made a set of 52 promises if elected, which include supporting a “fair and effective jobs bill,” pulling out of “unfair free trade agreements,” reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act, labeling genetically modified food, and legalizing and taxing marijuana.

Other stated positions of Ron Varasteh include:

Education is a basic human right.

Due process for ALL Americans no matter the crime they are charged with.

Equal rights for all Americans despite sex, color, or religion.

Pro Choice despite his personal view that abortion is wrong.

Welfare reform without cruelty.

Scaling down existing and preventing future unnecessary wars.

Tariffs for Countries that devalue or manipulate their currency to make global trade fair for Americans.

Clean Alternative forms of energy.

Immigration reform based on holding employers culpable for hiring undocumented workers. No job without papers means no reason to immigrate.

Removing loopholes, unnecessary subsidies and earmarks.

Income tax reform.

Social Security is important and NOT an entitlement program.

Supports the Second Amendment.

Supports the legalization of marijuana and hemp.

Believes the drug war is not winnable and needs a new approach.

Healthcare is a human right.

For more information on Ron Varasteh please visit his website ronvarasteh.com

Mike Boutin and Julie Rose will talk with Ron Varasteh live at 5pm pst, on November 2nd, 2012.  Audio to the show will be available the following morning on the top of this page.