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Slowly But Surely

Gardendale, TX - Marijuana is non existent. After staying here for a week, I have basically become that guy approaching strangers playing the old game of Hey Mister. Which, if you don’t know, is the game kids play when they want a person of age to buy them beer, “Hey Mister, we forgot our ID” but instead of being the adolescent looking for that understanding person to buy me beer, I am a thirty year old man asking strangers if they could help a brother out, which by the way, for your own safety, I do not recommend. The only answer I got, if any, was the question, “You realize you’re in Gardendale right?” So If you find your self in Gardendale and are on the hunt, your best bet is to drive back into Midland and try your chances there - depressing I know. Still, options remain: Cheap reggie that will almost always be a disappointment to those of us currently residing in 2013, or spend a week meeting people to find the lone dealer of Midland’s finest or what would barely pass for expectable green in most civilized places. If that is your venture, then good luck to you sir and keep on rolling...

Slowly But Surely

We have passed the point of no return and the Federal Government can’t do a thing about it. Two days ago Colorado legislature released their “first in the nation” marijuana laws. These are some of the finer points:

• No single package of an edible marijuana product can contain more than 100 milligrams of active THC, no matter how many servings it contains.
• Colorado residents can buy up to an ounce of marijuana at a time. Out-of-state residents can buy up to a quarter-ounce.
• Labels on marijuana-laced snacks have to list their ingredients and carry warnings including “The intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by two or more hours.”
• Licensed growers can’t sell to consumers. Marijuana can’t be consumed at a cultivation site.
• Waste marijuana has to be “unusable and unrecognizable” when discarded. One method: It can be ground up with an equal amount of paper, cardboard, plastic, food waste or grease.
• Testing facilities have to destroy the marijuana after they test it.
• Sheriffs, deputies, police officers and some other state officials can’t get a marijuana retail license.
• Licensed retailers have to have video surveillance systems and commercial-grade locks.
• Retailers and their employees must wear identification badges issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

 Now that we have two states, (Colorado and Washington) with their very own recreational marijuana laws, and many others on their way, there is no action the government could take short of raiding average citizen’s homes that would stop this state law from continuing to be the law. In the past, with the medical marijuana bills, primarily California, it was easy to find an excuse to raid functioning medical dispensaries and cause a full stop to a state law that contradicted federal law. With the blanket recreation law there is no focal point for the government to seek out. They must do what is abnormal for them and rely on the people to choose what is best for themselves instead of charging in to quickly quiet the uprising of free thought. We can all thank Colorado and its people for having the courage to face Big Brother’s wrath and do what’s right. It is always hard to be the first. We have come such a long way as a nation in finding our voice again and coming to the realization that we need to educate ourselves and come to our own conclusions.
-Follow the change and be the change.