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Steve Placek - December, 2012

There are many crucial factors in making TRUE RSO oil 100% indica will work best and it must be filtered properly 15-25 micron works great.  If made to a T using Rick Simpsons recipe it most definitely will work. Sativa rarely will kill cancer it's more of a topical oil. But I'm sure you knew all of this after watching RUN FROM THE CURE . So here's my story: 1 year ago my friend (who is 60 yrs old) was diagnosed with lung cancer , from the blue dye test both of his lungs were full of cancer (they gave him 3 months to live) he instantly began RSO and after a little over a month there was nothing but a pea sized amount of cancer in his right lung. (He also ate 120g of oil within 2 months lol) The doctors were amazed they thought their machine had taken a false reading. HA I don't know how but the doctors convinced him to let them go in and remove the little bit that was left (they told him it would be a quick little surgery and he'll be good to go after that) so he said ok. after the "quick little surgery" that was from his lower back up his side to his neck the scar tissue became infected and 1 if his lungs collapsed. ( The 1 they operated on) They almost killed him it took months to recover from that but he did. Shortly after the surgery he ran out of oil. 1 month later at a check up they claimed they found another speck of cancer and he needed chemo/radiation. Being that he was out of oil he decided to get the treatment. They told him "just a few treatments and you'll be good to go" so he said ok After he began "the little bit of treatment" a couple times a week he became very sick and lost weight fast. Luckily it was time to make oil again so he began eating more than a gram a day he recovered extremely fast gained 25 lbs while doing chemo and was almost healthy again while recovering in the hospital his blood pressure and sugar were of the charts due to side effects from pills/chemo ,they gave him insulin thinking he was a diabetic and he wasn't WOW. they couldn't get his levels back to normal for 3 days, we took him oil and within 2 hours his blood pressure and sugar levels were perfect they woke him up to tell him they don't know how but his levels were perfect somehow , he laughed and showed them the oil. They were actually interested and all for it they gave him cups of ice to keep it in. A week later they threw his oil in a locked biohazard bin on accident and actually closed the room door and broke the box open to return it to him He recovered and came home. 1 month later at a check up the doctors told him he his lungs were healthier than their's , but they found a little speck of cancer in his brain and would like to cut it out they said it would be a "quick little surgery and he'd be good to go" so he said ok again. after the surgery he caught pneumonia from being in the hospital and almost died again. After all that he has finally realized the doctors advice has been backfiring and actually making him worse and almost killing him. He now refuses most treatment and is doing very well it actually says on his medical records he used hemp oil for medicine to close out my story I would have to say the RSO worked instantly and killed the cancer , If it wasn't for running out of oil and surgery's gone wrong he would've been healed a long time ago. He is also aware of this now and is eating a gram a day and is healthier than most people. Thank you for reading 1 of my many experiences with RSO and I hope it didn't bore you LOL I tried to make it as short as possible. hopefully this helps.