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Grace Farm Property Line Dispute

Recently at Grace Farm, we have been having a little property line dispute with some unpleasant people.

Presented with a demand for payment of some made up and inflated figure of $23,000 for using property we had permission to use from the person we lease from.

Turns out that the foundation for …

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Grace Farms Harvest Season

Harvest season here at Grace Farms has been a little hectic but favorable. We dodged rain, snow, freezing temps, caterpillars and ripoffs.

The strains did well so we will have a nice variety this year between The Royal Purple Kush, Purple Lavander, and Jolly Rancher, plus a couple more still …

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Grace Farms - Throw another Oyster on the Barbie


Mike and Tawni woke up to 40 degrees here in the Emerald Triangle this morning. With a storm on the way for Monday, it is indeed another front on the weed wars. We have to war with the weather too.

One little discovery that was revealed yesterday: Tawni likes oysters off the Barbie!


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Weed Nation - Harvest Time

It's been a busy summer at Grace Farms.  Fall didn't come soon enough, in this part of the Emerald Triangle.  Although I look forward to harvest time with Tawni, there is a part of me that will miss seeing the plants progress day after day.  Any cannabis grower will tell you that pride comes from ea…

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