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Alice O'Leary Discusses Her Late Partner & Husband Robert Randall the 1st Federally Approved Medical Marijuana Patient

Alice O'Leary - Co-Author of Marijuana Rx & Wife of the Late Robert Randall, The 1st Federally Approved Medical Marijuana Patient - April 20, 2012

Alice O'Leary, wife of the late Robert Randall, co-authored the book "Marijuana Rx - The Patient's Fight for Medicinal Pot" about their journey and battle with the Federal Government to put marijuana into the hands of patients who greatly benefit from it's many medicinal qualities.

Robert Randall led the medical marijuana battle to save his eyesight from the devastating effects of glaucoma.  Robert Randall was the first patient in the U.S. to be allowed to use medical marijuana legally through a little known program that was created after he challenged the Federal Government with his partner Alice O'Leary by his side.  The federal program called the "Compassionate Use Act" added more patients after Robert Randall won the battle, however some patients were withdrawn from the program after the Federal Government changed the rules disallowing some aids patients that were in the process of entering the program. The program was eventually closed to new incoming patients, however today there are still 3 living patients who are active participants in the compassionate use program.  All three have since been guests on Cannabis Nation Radio.  Those patients include Elvy Mussika, Irv Rosenfeld, and George McMahon.  To this day each of the federal patients gets a tin from the federal government that is shipped to their local pharmacy that contains 300 pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes.  The marijuana is grown at the University of Mississippi.  To listen to the interview with Alice O'Leary, where she talks about what it was like to challenge the federal government and some of the escapades they experienced during their journey click on the audio player at the top of the page.