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NJ Weedman November 23, 2012

New Jersey Weedman - Robert "Ed" Forchion - November 23, 2012

Robert “Ed” Forchion is a NJ marijuana activist with an impressive resume.

Ed, has served his Country in National Guard, the Army and Marine Corp.

He has run for State Assembly, Congress, US Senator, and Governor.

Party to many legal proceedings concerning marijuana, his most recent brush with the law ended in acquittal when a jury decided he was not trafficking. The jury did however convict on possession and a sentencing is awaiting.

In 2009 Ed opened up “Liberty Bell Temple” in Hollywood to distribute MMJ under California law to those in need.

In addition to being a MMJ patient and activist, Ed is also a Rastafarian and believes marijuana is a sacrament.

Forchion is a big advocate of the Jury Nullification practice. The act of refusing to convict despite the prosecutions factual proof that indeed the law was broken, instead choosing to judge the law itself and refuse to convict.