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Patricia Spottedcrow & Jerri Stephens - December 14, 2012

Patricia Spottedcrow 12 Year Sentence Takes a Toll

Patricia Spottedcrow is a Native American who was arrested for selling a very small amount (a couple of joints worth), of marijuana to an undercover officer and sentenced to 12 years in prison.  The harsh penalty was enhanced because the sale took place in her house where children were present. The story behind the story, and the real truth of the events, surrounding this marijuana saga, can be heard on the above audio player.  Patricia joined us on Cannabis Nation Radio to discuss the initial arrest,  her incarceration, the effectiveness of social media, and the outpouring of outrage and support, as well as new friends found along the way who stood by her to get her marijuana sentence successfully reduced and Patricia released from prison.  Although it could be argued that having cannabis around children was child endangerment, you would first have to believe that marijuana is dangerous. Science says no.  In fact scientific journals show a lot of evidence to the contrary, that marijuana in fact has an enormous number of health benefits, causing many to refer to it as the tree of life.

If it takes a village to raise a child, it definitely takes a village to free a cannabis prisoner.  Thousands of marijuana advocates came to the aid of Patricia, by sharing her story, and making phone calls, resulting in a media flurry, and outpouring of inquiries.  However a few persistent marijuana advocates, went above and beyond sharing Patricia's story and making phone calls on her behalf.  We heard how those marijuana angels worked with the family to help bring Patricia home, and how social media played a role in connecting those angels.

Also joining us was Jerri Stephens who is one of those Angels, and a Cannabis Advocate from Oklahoma; who heard about Patricia's case, and came to her aid by helping with her own resources to lessen the toll on both family and felon! Jeff Jonaitis played a key role by getting a petition started, while the advocacy groups in Oklahoma, Patricia's home state, state idly by until 18 mos. after Patricia's incarceration.  The lesson here is that when you learn about a ridiculous sentence, or a massive injustice, whether it is marijuana or anything else, don't assume that with all the advocacy groups out there, one of them will step up to the plate.  This taught us that it was INDIVIDUALS that made the difference.    

 It could most definitely be argued that 12 years for a crime that really had NO victim is not American, Christian, compassionate or humane, but that’s why we need to have a conversation about marijuana.

Patricia's Mother Dee was also arrested, convicted, and given a 30 year suspended sentence, in order to take care of Patricia's four children while she was incarcerated!

One more thing that should be made very clear.  Neither Patricia, or her mother Dee had any prior arrests. 

This is one of those "must hear from the horses mouth" stories to be able to believe, in the war on drugs.

Patricia is now home with her 4 children in Oklahoma, however her ordeal has left her virtually penniless.  Patricia is a single mom, and does not have money for heating oil for the winter, or Christmas presents for the children.   Any support you can give to help get them through the holidays will be put to good use.  Donations can be sent directly to Patricia at: 

Patricia Spottedcrow  
16792 E 790 Road
Kingfisher, OK  73750

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