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Paul Stanford - January 2013


Paul Stanford was born in 1960 and grew up in North Carolina. His first encounter with marijuana was at the age of 12 years old in Texas, when a babysitter's brother shared the herb with him after a stint in Vietnam.  Paul points out that this incident could have landed the brother in prison for more time than a murderer. 

Paul studied at the University of North Carolina and did a stint in the U.S. Army stationed in Hawaii, until an injury forced his exit, and left him as a disabled veteran. The subject of Hawaii brought up Roger Christie, who is a good friend of Paul. Roger Christie is a gentleman who has been held without bail in a Hawaii jail for almost 3 years for only 2 pounds of marijuana. Recently CNN attempted to interview Roger regarding his marijuana case and was turned down.  Roger has been denied contact with the outside world on many occasions, including for the recent funeral of his mother. 

After leaving the Army, Paul went on to become involved in the importing of hemp products, which led him to China, where he learned to speak Chinese, which he shares on the show.  (He teaches us how to say "hemp" in Chinese.)

In the early 90’s Paul got involved with the campaign for the regulation and restoration of hemp before eventually starting “Cannabis Common Sense” a cannabis advocacy TV show, which has over 500 episodes to it’s credit.

in 1999, Paul started the hemp and cannabis foundation or THCF which has become a chain of facilities spanning at least 10 states and the District of Columbia, where prospective medical marijuana patients can become certified by a Dr. familiar with medical marijuana.

In 2005 Paul founded Hempstalk, a cannabis hemp festival whose mission is to educate the public to the value of hemp; and to end cannabis prohibition.  Hempstalk is held in Portland, Oregon in September each year, and has many outstanding activists, musicians and public figures to boast of as headliners of the festival.

Paul Stanford is considered an expert witness in court on medical cannabis and marijuana, and most recently spearheaded the campaign in Oregon to legalize marijuana for adult use, know as measure 80 or the OCTA, Oregon Cannabis Tax Act. The measure unfortunately failed, which Paul points out was funded primarily by himself, with the next closest backing from a Dr. who contributed $5,000. The same Doctor contributed $100,000 to Washington and Colorado where marijuana bills were heavily sponsored by more big money, ie NORML, which directly effected the legislation passing in those states, allowing marijuana to be used by adults without the requirement of a medical recommendation.  NORML declined to help the Oregon legislation with funding, and apparently it was personal, which Paul claims was connected to his support of Roger Christie.  

Listen to the Cannabis Nation Radio interview with Paul Stanford on he above audio player.  For more information on the clinics, show, or festival Paul Stanford is involved with visit hemp.org