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Mike Boutin and Julie Rose Recap 2012


Mike Boutin and Julie Rose review the year by discussing what they learned from each guest, and discuss updates regarding what each guest has been up to since they were on Cannabis Nation Radio.

Links to the following shows can be found on the Guest Info page.

Guests in chronological order:

  1. Mickey Martin - Activist
  2. Rico Colibri/Kathleen Chippi - Activists
  3. Alice O’Leary - Legend
  4. Dennis Hill - Biochemist
  5. Eric Williams - Connecticut Norml Lobbyist
  6. David Piller - Author
  7. Zach/Cannalytics - Testing Lab Founder
  8. Clint Werner - Author
  9. Irv Rosenfeld/Hiedi Handford - Fed IND patient and Advocate
  10. Steele Smith - Federal Defendant and Entrepenuer
  11. Alison Myrden- Retired corrections officer - LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)
  12. John Kelly- Author, Expert Witness
  13. Adam Scourgie - Film Maker
  14. Carl Olsen/Jeff Brown- Egyptian Coptic Church
  15. Deull Lauderdale- Student - Founder Missouri Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  16. Stefanie - Child victim of the war on drugs.
  17. Alex White Plume- Lakota Elder and Hemp Grower
  18. Dr. Jeri Rose- Cannabis Advocate, Dr. of Chiropractic
  19. Ken Unger- Disabled Navy Vet
  20. Martin Lee - Author
  21. Aaron Sandusky - Dispensary Owner and Defendant - Support him by signing the petition http://wh.gov/Rhtw
  22. Howard Wooldridge- Retired Detective - Founder of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)
  23. Dr. Robert Melemede - Professor, Cannabis Science Inc.
  24. Laurel Dewey - Author
  25. David Malmo Levine - Museum curator and Advocate - http://www.sensiblebc.ca/
  26. Dr. Fred Whitehurst - FBI Agent, Lawyer, Expert Witness
  27. Christopher Hsu - New Mexico Patients Group
  28. Rebecca Forbes -  Advocate
  29. Dr. Lester Grinspoon - Harvard Doctor
  30. Ron Varisteh - Congressional Candidate
  31. Brian O’Dea - International Drug Smuggler and Film Producer
  32. Sean Dunagan -  DEA Agent - LEAP
  33. NJ WeedMan - Activist and Jury Nullification Guru
  34. Mark Potts - Trinity County Deputy, LEAP
  35. Julia Curator of Peter McWilliams.org
  36. Patricia Spottedcrow /Jerri Stephens - Prisoner of Drug War - 12 years for a blunt in Oklahoma.
  37. Elvy Musikka - Federal IND patient and recipient of free weed from Uncle Sam.