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 It's Time For An Honest Conversation about Cannabis!

Growing medical grade marijuana is not easy. Nobody throws a marijuana seed or two in the ground and is able to get their illness cured, or bills paid.

Proper cloning, growing, pruning, harvesting, natural pest control, and curing is just the beginning of the possibilities with marijuana.  Learn about cooking with marijuana too!  Learn when the ideal time to harvest your marijuana crop is, that will ensure the trichomes are at the perfect stage, giving you the highest grade of medical marijuana. 

There are many marijuana grow books out, I have most of them, however I am always trying to learn more.

I could not find a marijuana book that gives all of the information it took to succeed in one place, and many people have asked what we do to grow such healthy marijuana plants. 

I didn’t see the failures coming when I first started, because it is all made to sound so easy and yet complicated at the same time.

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So what I did was create a simple, straightforward introduction to the art of growing medical cannabis based on experience, trial and error, failure, heartache and tears.

I put millions of miles of logistical experience into a chapter on transportation, as well as chapters on making your own medical cannabis products, as well as the history, information on indoor marijuana growing, outdoor growing, safety, security and much more.

If you want to go from marijuana seeds to a sack of medical marijuana in your first try this is the book for you. It’s not full of a myriad of confusing choices and marijuana product placement and sponsored material.  It is simply put information showing what we do and what works for us here at the Grace Farms Medical Marijuana Collective.

 The show "Weed Country," on the Discovery Channel showed you who we are and what we do. This book will show you how we do it.

 The book “Growing Grace the Growers Guide” is being offered for the first time anywhere, here on Cannabis Nation Radio.

The book normally sells for $19.95, however anyone who donates $15 or more to Cannabis Nation Radio on the "donate" button will get the ebook sent to the email address that made the contribution! To make a donation go to the top of this page and Click on the Donate Button, or you can also go to the right column and click on the "donate" button to have the Growing Grace Book sent to you.  

If you only want to order the book without making a donation, for a limited time you can buy the book for only $14.95 by ordering from this page by clicking any of the "buy now" buttons on this page and using the coupon discount code:

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                                             ~ Mike Boutin of Weed Country


And if a definitive easy guide to growing medical cannabis isn't enough, how about the added bonuses:

  • Learn from a lifetime of experience from Mike and Tawni Boutin of "Weed         Country.”
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  • Maybe save a life with what you learn, and definitely save some suffering with medical marijuana.

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