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Mikki Norris - November 1, 2013

Mikki Norris brings a wealth of knowledge to light about hemp and marijuana from her vast research, travels and experiences.  More Info>>>

Mike Boutin and Julie Rose have an Honest Conversation About Marijuana - October 25, 2013

Hosts Mike Boutin and Julie Rose talk about upcoming changes in legislation getting rid of home grows, and the new FDA study on CBD for seizure patients, and a whole lot more.  More Info >>>

Chris Conrad - Author - Court Qualified Cannabis Expert Witness - Educator - October 18, 2013

Chris Conrad has been involved in the cannabis reform movement for decades.  His involvement spans the globe and includes advocacy for not only medical marijuana but also hemp. More Info>>>

Mary Lynn Mathre and Al Byrne - Patients out of Time and Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access - October 11, 2013

Mary Lynn Mathre and Al Byrne are Co-Founders of "Patients out of Time" as well as other organizations that support the reform of cannabis laws, and provide valuable cannabis education.  With a wide range of life experiences in the military and medical field they bring a wealth of information and education to the cannabis community, lawmakers, medical community, and patients.  More Info >>>

Peter O'Toole aka "Uncle Pete" - Cannabis Caregiver and Dr. Robert Melameade aka "Dr. Bob" - Cannabis Science Founder - October 4, 2013

Peter O'Toole weighs in on the cannabis oil controversy by pointing out the hazards of using Naptha as recommended by some cannabis oil producers.  Dr. Bob Melameade aka "Dr. Bob" and "Uncle Pete" explain why recommending cannabis concentrate as having 95% THC is not only unnecessary, but unachievable, and why it would not be desirable.  More Info >>>

Diane Russell - Maine State Representative - September 27, 2013

Diane Russell joins us to discuss the progress Maine has made in ending marijuana prohibition, and to shed some light on what she feels are effective strategies for marijuana reform advocates to use to help educate lawmakers.  More Info >>>

Miss High Times - Emily Aryn - September 20, 2013

It was time for a fun conversation, and fun we had with "Miss High Times" Emily Aryn who is not only tall ;-) and beautiful both inside and out, but smart as well!  More Info>>>

Michigan Medical Marijuana September 13, 2013

Mike Boutin visits Michigan Legislators along with seasoned marijuana veterans who drop in to share their knowledge and experience.  More Info >>>

It's Time For An Honest Conversation About Marijuana September 6, 2013

Mike Boutin and Julie Rose opened the phone lines and took calls which made for an interesting show.  More Info>>>

Nate Morris - Marijuana Grower Specializing in High CBD Marijuana and Concentrates of Marijuana for Medical Purposes - August 30, 2013

Nate Morris, a marijuana grower who was featured on the Discovery Channel's "Weed Country,"  talks about high CBD marijuana helping children with Dravet Syndrome. Dravet Syndrome is a severe seizure disorder often resulting in dozens of seizures per day. Some parents of Dravet's Syndrome children have turned to marijuana after finding all pharmaceutical options fail to stop the seizures.   CBD is a marijuana compound that is ANTI-Psychotic and has been found to be very effective in difficult to treat seizures. CBD (anti-psychotic) counteracts the psychotic effects of THC. Marijuana that is bred with high CBD to THC ratios is being used for a variety of medicinal purposes, including cancer therapy.  More Info>>>>

Andy Joseph - Apeks Supercritical - Extraction of Botanical Essential Oils - August 16, 2013

Andy Joseph, Founder of Apeks Supercritical explains the process and science of extracting essential oils from plants.  If you have to ask why anyone would want to extract essential oils from the cannabis plant you haven't heard some of our previous shows where various patients, such as Dennis Hill, Constance Finley, or Corrie Yelland explain the unbelievably positive results they've obtained treating cancer and severe arthritis with oil extracted from marijuana in rough kitchen setups.  Apeks Supercritical takes the extraction process to another level of purity and precision. More Info >>>

Dr. Phil Leveque - 90 Year Old Marijuana Advocate - August 9, 2013

Dr. Phil Leveque has been around the block a few times so to speak so  if his age alone isn't enough to gain some respect, his professional career(s), and service to this country certainly should.  He put his medical license on the line to represent patients who either had physicians unwilling to write recommendations for medical marijuana out of fear of DEA reprisal, lack of knowledge, or fear on the patients part of confiding in their "regular" doctor. The more I read and learn about Dr. Phil Leveque, the more I want to know.  In fact, I can't help myself from referring to him as the "original" Dr. Phil..... More Info>>>>

Drew Stromberg - Outreach Director - Students For Sensible Drug Policy - August 2, 2013

Drew Stromberg is the Outreach Director with "Students for Sensible Drug Policy" widely known as "SSDP".  Drew helps guide college students with educational information toward a more sensible drug policy.   More Info >>>

Emily Brady immersed herself into the Humboldt County marijuana growing culture to write her book "Humboldt: Life on America's Marijuana Frontier".  Emily talks about life in the Emerald Triangle, and some of the people she encountered along the way.  More Info>>>

Barry Cooper - July 19, 2013

Barry Cooper joins us to talk about corrupt cops, police harassment, the court system, participation in the movie "How to Make Money Selling Drugs," and his video series "How to Never Get Busted," plus more!  More Info>>>>

Michael Dussault-Jensen - Founder "Grannies for Grass" - Executive Director "Dads for Marijuana" July 12, 2013

Michael Dussault-Jensen the Founder of "Grannies for Grass" and Executive Director of  "Dads for Marijuana" joins us to discuss the dangers of taking away the ability of medical marijuana patients to grow their own medicine as proposed by Health Canada, and some States.  More Info >>>

Dr. Carl Hart - Author - Neuroscientist - Associate Professor - July 5, 2013

Dr. Carl Hart, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the department of Psychology and Psychiatry at Columbia University.   He is also a Research Scientist in the Division of Substance Abuse at the New York State Psychiatric Institute.  Dr. Hart is a member of the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse and on the board of directors of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence and the Drug Policy Alliance.  More Info>>>

Jack Turner - Pan's Ink - Cannabis Terpenoids - June 28, 2013

Jack Turner one of the co-founders of "Pan's Ink" joins us to discuss terpenes (the compounds that give marijuana its aroma).  Terepenes are found throughout nature and are often used in perfumes and food manufacturing.  Pan's Inks are natural essential oils that are found in marijuana.  Just one drop placed on cannabis before smoking will add to the effect, which varies depending on the terpene or type of "Pan's Ink" used.  More Info>>>

Matthew Cooke - Writer / Director "How to Make Money Selling Drugs" June 21, 2013

Matthew Cooke takes us on a crazy journey in the world of the Drug War in the documentary he wrote and directed.  "How to Make Money Selling Drugs," is a shockingly candid examination of how a street dealer can rise to cartel lord with relative ease, "How to Make Money Selling Drugs" is an insider’s guide to the violent but extremely lucrative drug industry. More Info >>>

George McMahon - Author - Advocate - VP Candidate "Grassroots Party" - Patient of Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program - June 14, 2013

George McMahon receives approximately 300 pre-rolled joints of marijuana from the federal government that is grown at the University of Mississippi, while researchers are often blocked from obtaining marijuana to study the amazing medical benefits marijuana has to offer.  The amount of prescription drugs George had to take to treat his condition in the past will astound you!  All the pharmaceutical drugs have been replaced by medical marijuana. More Info>>>

Canada is in the process of rolling out new rules surrounding their medical cannabis program which will do away with home growing and allow for import and export by new licensed providers. Import / EXPORT.  Really? 




Top 10 gifts for Dad this Fathers Day!

Mykala Comstock - Child Leukemia Patient Using Cannabis - June 7, 2013

Mykala Comstock is shown holding a pitcher of blended cannabis, which is part of her arsenal in treating intermediate risk T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia which she was diagnosed with on July 14th, 2012, at 7 years old. She is also Oregon's youngest Medical Cannabis Patient.  More Info>>>

Ryan Cristian tells it like it is this week in "The Drug War's Secret Profit"
Dan Nelson teaches us a few things we didn't know in "5 Things Cannabis Related You probably Didn't Know"

Chris Simunek - High Times - Editor in Chief - May 31, 2013

Chris Simunek  is no doubt in a job that many people likely dream of, even though the reality probably involves more stress, budget discussions, and deadlines that would make most cringe.  Or is it a life of pure lavish unadulterated  access and indulgence?   We'll talk about the High Times and the Low, and what the horizon looks like for High Times and its Editor in Chief Chris Simunek. More Info>>>

History in the making!  On Wednesday Governor Hickenlooper signed the official rules for the Colorado recreational marijuana program.  Rules.  Program.  Where is this all headed? 

If you ever find yourself repeating the history of cannabis prohibition to those who are just learning the truth, and want a quick to the point source that covers all the main bases in a relatively short article, you can find it on our site here:  War on Drugs or War on Freedom?

Kristina Marie - Inoperable Brain Tumor - Treating with Cannabis Concentrate - May 24, 2013

Part 1 - Kristina Marie joins the ranks of cannabis concentrate patients who are using cannabis to not only treat symptoms of disease, but to HEAL.  Even with the internet, it is surprising how many people still have no idea about the extent that cannabis is being used to treat a wide range of illness.  Kristina was diagnosed 1 year ago this past week after she went into surgery to find out that her brain tumor was inoperable.  The universe brought her in contact with a person the day she collapsed, who told her about concentrated cannabis oil.  Had it not been for that fateful meeting she would have been one of those people sent home with a handful of pharmaceutical drugs that increased side effects and pain and been left to wait out her future with little or no hope, after being told the tumor is inoperable there is nothing more we can do.  Instead she is on a journey of healing. 

John Trudell - National Recording Artist, Acclaimed Poet, Actor, Activist, Co-Founder "Hempstead Project Heart" - May 24, 2013

 Part 2 - John Trudell is a man with a wide range of accomplishments and among them are his poetic lyrics he'll share at The David Brower Center in Berkeley on June 8 and The Sunflower Center in Petaluma on June 9th. Trudell is in a league with Dylan, Jackson Browne and the likes, and is the co-founder of Hempstead Project Heart with Willie Nelson, a project of Earth Island Institute, which is dedicated to raising awareness about the environmental, social, and economic benefits of legalizing industrial hemp in America.  More Info>>>

Bradley Walker - Cannabis Researcher - May 17, 2013

Bradley Walker, a mortgage fraud researcher put his research skills to use to answer the question many would like answered.  Why is cannabis illegal when it is one of the most diverse crops that can be used to manufacture everything from paper to plastic, cloth, and fuel, and is easily replenished not to mention more environmentally friendly than alternatives?  Bradley answered those questions by producing an infographic during his research. More Info>>>


The first hemp crop in 60 years was planted in Colorado this week.  Ryan Loftin, a farmer in Springfield, Colorado, on Monday began planting 60 acres of industrial hemp in fields previously used for alfalfa.   

Constance Finley - Patient Helping Stage 4 Cancer Patients - May 10, 2013

Constance Finley is another patient among the ever expanding community of marijuana patients who has found relief after troubling side effects from pharmaceuticals almost killed her.  The relief she gained, and life she got back made it impossible for her to stop inquiring and learning more about cannabis.  She took classes to learn how to grow medical grade cannabis.  She researched the plant, and read studies.  She knew it was working for her, but she wanted to learn more.  The more she learned the more she found herself in a position like many of us, she couldn't help but spread the word and tell others, which led to patients seeking her help through an Oncologist who wants to remain anonymous, but sees cannabis as another form of valid treatment to be considered.  More Info>>>

Dr. Jahan Marcu - Cannabinoid Researcher - Court Qualified Cannabinoid Expert - May 3rd, 2013

Dr. Jahan Marcu revisits Cannabis Nation Radio to expand on the conversation about various cannabinoids  and the role they play on the endocannabinoid system in the human body.

May has been declared National Mental Health Awareness Month by President Obama.  A couple of key points that should be pointed out that the current administration has accomplished concerning mental health.  1. $300 million has been budgeted to map the brain in hopes of finding better treatment for mental health conditions.  2. The  Affordable Care Act will expand mental health and substance use disorder benefits. For the first time, the health care law will prevent insurers from denying coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

This week New Mexico has decided after much debate to keep PTSD as a qualifying condition for their medical marijuana program, and the Governor of Maryland signed a new medical marijuana bill, making Maryland the 19th medical marijuana state in the U.S.

Robert H. Moore Jr. - Federally Licensed Hemp Farmer Stuck in a Rut - April 26, 2013

Robert H. Moore is a self described American Black Man born in Boston, Massachusetts and currently living and doing business in New Jersey as a legal federally licensed hemp farmer.  Robert was charged with simple possession charges for marijuana however the state does not want to recognize federal law which is technically supposed to exempt him from any such drug charges even if the possession is for personal use.

An interesting and complicated case we will attempt to sort out on air with the guest Robert H. Moore.  More Info>>>

B.E. Smith - Grower Featured on Discovery Channel's Weed Country - Veteran - Community Leader - April 19, 2013



B.E. Smith is a Vietnam Veteran who came home from the war and found out marijuana worked for his PTSD incurred as a result of two tours of combat. Working as an Axeman in Trinity County after his service, B.E. became a Medical Marijuana Grower and advocate for reform of marijuana laws.


Interestingly, on today's date in 1775 the famous "shot heard round the world: marked the start of the American Revolution.  This day is often referred to as "Patriot's Day." 


Since the the news is saturated with the tragic Boston Marathon bombing, it is also interesting to note that today marks the date of the first Boston Marathon held in 1897, and won by a New Yorker by the name of John J. McDermott.


Nathaniel "Nate" Morris - The CBD Project - April 12, 2013

Nate Morris started growing weed when he was 14 years old. Since then he’s developed some of the most potent medical marijuana on the planet and firmly believes in the medicinal value of marijuana.  His more recent focus has been on low THC, high CBD strains that have been found to effectively treat a broad range of illness including seizure disorders, including those that pharmaceutical drugs are unable to help. More Info>>>


Marco Renda - Treating Yourself Magazine & Expo Founder - April 5, 2013


Marco Renda, the founder of "Treating Yourself" Magazine and Expo will be joining us to discuss his recent trip to Spain where he attended "Spannabis," and his own upcoming "Treating Yourself" event held May 24-26, in Toronto.

Melvyn Stiriss - Author - Publisher - Speaker - Movie Maker - Former Hippie Commune Resident of "The Farm"- March 29, 2013

Melvyn Stiriss

Melvyn Stiriss has led an interesting life, some of which was spent in the 1970's in a hippie commune called "The Farm," in the heart of Tennessee.  Some people may have frowned on such a lifestyle choice, but in this day and age of vast corruption in every level of government, cameras on every corner, over regulation, genetically modified food, siphoning of American wealth, 1 in 50 children suffering from autism, and a strangle hold on the American people by the corporations, banks, and war lord economy, many may now be more intrigued in learning about a simpler life.  Or was it simpler?  We look forward to Melvin shedding some light on the questions.... what was good, what was bad, and why didn't it last? 

We regret to inform you that Ken Unger, who was our guest on the August 17th, 2012 show, passed away March 27, 2013.   Ken was a fighter, who fought the law, and unlike the song, Ken pretty much won.  Despite living in the non-medical marijuana state of Missouri, and enduring a severe back injury incurred while on a Navy ship, plus other health issues, and going through the stress of a raid brought on by the failed D.A.R.E. program, Ken was forced to fight to stay out of jail for growing some plants in his basement for medical use.  The state of Missouri should be ashamed at what they put Ken and his family through for choosing a safer, more effective medicine than the pharmaceutical drugs that left him unable to function.  RIP Ken you were a good man who made good choices for yourself and your family, regardless of  the laws.  Tonight's show is dedicated to Ken Unger.

Bishop Ron Allen - International Faith Based Coalition - Anti-Marijuana Legalization - March 22, 2013

Bishop Ron Allen is a figure in the Sacramento Faith Based Community. His teaching and leadership style stirs the concerns and sparks the  consciousness of the entire profession and the Sacramento Community.   His dedication to the area of Faith Based education has brought  significant changes to how religious principles operate and train  professionals.

His goal is to help those in the Sacramento area fulfill their dreams and goals. This  devotion gave Bishop Allen the inspiration to found the International  Faith Based Coalition.

Jahan Marcu - Court Qualified Cannabinoid Researcher - March 15, 2013

Dr. Jahan Marcu visited with us a while back and we touched on a broad range of topics.  Tonight we'll be discussing the endocannabinoid system, and the interaction of cannabinoids on bone.  We're also going to talk about genetic mutations on endocannabinoid receptors as well as cannabinoids and cancer and the role mitochondria plays.  Hopefully we'll have time to talk a little about the myths of dabs as well. 

Anndrea Hermann - Hemp - March 8, 2013


Andreaa Hermann has a vast and diverse background working with hemp on both sides of the border as a dual citizen with the U.S. and Canada.  She'll be talking with us about the various uses of hemp, as well as discussing the advantages of incorporating hemp into our lives and industries and why it's beneficial from several standpoints.

A big THANK YOU goes to Jacqueline Patterson for helping us put the show together tonight!  Thanks Jacki!


Matthew Kumin - Attorney at Law - Medical Marijuana - Civil Rights- - February 28, 2013

Matt Kumin has a broad range of experience that has proven to be an advantage for medical marijuana cases.  That experience includes, working with former inmates, organizing communities and workplaces around health care issues, teaching law, working as a college administrator, and consulting with worker-owned businesses and the government of Kazakhstan, while setting up cooperatives.

Derek Cross - Author: Hemp Healthy Cooking - February 22, 2013

Derek Cross the author of the Hemp Healthy Cooking series of cookbooks talks to us about the changes he witnessed from adding hemp to his own diet, and gives us some recipes and information to better understand the nutritional benefits and ease of cooking with hemp.

Nicholas Black - Former NYPD Officer - Featured on Discovery Channel Show "Weed Country" - Nutrition and Marijuana Healing - February 15, 2013


Nicholas Black - Former NYPD Officer Speaks the Truth about how marijuana and nutrition have helped him heal and avoid a wheelchair.  Mike and Nick will talk a little about what it was like behind the scenes on the Discovery TV show "Weed Country" - scheduled to premiere on "Weed Wednesdays" at 10pm est following "Pot Cops" the other Discovery show premiering the same day at 9 pm est.  Hopefully we can get Nick to weigh in a little about the Chris Dorner case and what goes on behind the scenes from the perspective of an ex-cop.  Nick is pictured on the right w/ his dog "Cannabis," and Mike Boutin, host of Cannabis Nation Radio, is on the left.  Mike is also featured in the Discovery channel show "Weed Country" with Nick, and "Cannabis."

Dr. Jahan Marcu - Court Qualified Cannabinoid Expert - February 8, 2013


Dr. Jahan Marcu  is currently studying the pharmacology of cannabinoid receptors and received his Ph.D studying the CB1 receptor and the role of the endocannabinoid system in bone.

Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2013 was submitted this week by Democratic Representative Jared Polis of Colorado. 

After patiently waiting for 2 1/2 years, Co-Host of Cannabis Nation Radio, Mike Boutin can finally announce his participation in the Discovery Channel Show "Weed Country," which will first be aired on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 at 10 pm pst. 

Robert Platshorn "Bobby Tuna" - The Silver Tour Creator - Author of The Black Tuna Diaries - February 1, 2013

Robert Platshorn aka "Bobby Tuna" brings us up to speed on the traveling Senior Citizen education program called "The Silver Tour" and Educational Video "Should Grandma Smoke Pot?" 

Gordon Mc Ardle - Is This a Case of Prosecutorial Power Overflexing its Muscle? Kidnapping? January 25, 2013

Gordon Mc Ardle, an Irish immigrant claims he found himself in the sights of  a prosecutor who was friends with a previous employer he caught committing insurance fraud.  Apparently the prosecution used drug laws to scare both Gordon and his former girlfriend by threatening them with drug charges, for a legal marijuana grow, and the loss of their new baby, forcing Gordon to leave the U.S. back to Ireland.

Joseph Casias - Michigan Doctor Approved Medical Marijuana Patient - Walmart Employee of the Year... Fired! - January 18, 2013


Joseph Casias joins us to discuss what it's like being treated like a 2nd class citizen and forced into the unemployment line during an economic downturn by Walmart,  due to legally medicating with Dr. recommended and Michigan State approved herbal medicine. 

Facebook cannabis post of the week goes to David Worrell, who posts a vast amount of information about the medical benefits of cannabis, but this one stood out for its simplicity in pointing out the duplicity that we are in the midst of.


Corrie Yelland - Cancer Patient Used Concentrated Cannabis Oil to Kill Cancer - January 11, 2013

Corrie Yelland is a woman with great courage, who after being diagnosed with cancer, and doing her own research decided to try one of the alternative therapies despite conventional treatment that was available to her.  She chose to use  concentrated marijuana oil, aka cannabis concentrate, aka Rick Simpson Oil and to this day her doctors can find no cancer.  And one thing she taught us, was that a Medical Association in Spain added Cannabis Oil as an approved therapy for cancer.

This week the Cannabis Nation Radio "Facebook Cannabis Post of the Week" goes to Chris Baar for speaking the truth in plain simple terms.  If only the Drug Czar and Obama would listen.  The Drug Czar claims they are now aware there is a national conversation taking place about marijuana, but when will they start listening?  The conversation has been going on for decades. 

Paul Stanford - The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, Cannabis Clinics, HempFest Organizer - January 4, 2012

Paul Stanford is the owner of the THCF (The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation) MMJ clinics in 10 states and the District of Columbia.  Paul is also the founder of Hempstalk and Author of OCTA or measure 80 The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act.

The Cannabis Nation Radio "Facebook Cannabis Post of the Week" goes to Crystal Guess for her eloquent post regarding the federal government bullying the Sioux Nation and blocking them from growing hemp on their own sovereign land.



Year In Review - What Did we Learn? What are the Guests up to Now? December 28, 2012


Mike Boutin and Julie Rose say goodbye to 2012 with a year end review of what they learned from each guest, as well as updates, as they are available,  regarding what each guest has been up to since they were on Cannabis Nation Radio. 

This week's "Facebook Cannabis Post of the Week" goes to Bill Levin for pointing out that the statistics don't lie.


Elvy Musikka - Federal Marijuana Patient - December 21, 2012

Elvy Musikka is one of the four remaining federal IND (Compassionate Access - "Investigational New Drug" ) patients who get free marijuana from the U.S. Govt.; the same one that also claims it has no medicinal value, while holding a patent on it’s ability as a neurological preventative medicine.   The first woman to become a federal patient, Elvy has been receiving federal weed for almost 25 years.

Be sure to check out J Nayer Hardin's "Facebook Cannabis Post of the Week!"  Her insightful memories of growing up in Connecticut, and how she too could have ended up in a situation like that which happened in Sandy Hook this week, if it had not been for a friend, and cannabis.

Patricia Spottedcrow - 12 Year Prison Sentence for $31 of Marijuana - December 14, 2012

Patricia Spottedcrow
is a Native American single Mom from Oklahoma who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for selling $31 worth of marijuana to undercover cops.  Well... kind of.  There is even more to the story that is hard to believe.

 Colorado Signed into Law Amendment 64 allowing Adults 21+ to grow 3 mature and 3 immature plants at a time,  and travel with up to 1 oz. of marijuana, within the state of Colorado.  Sales are not allowed, however an adult can gift marijuana to another adult over 21.  Washington state beat Colorado to the punch, and signed their law in last week. Shortly after the votes came in, Mexican Senators submitted a proposal to legalize cannabis in Mexico.  And to top it all off, Eric Holder stated the Justice Department will announce "relatively soon," its policy on the recently passed measures, acknowledging the tension created by the differences between state and federal laws.  

We've added a new weekly feature  "Facebook Cannabis Post of the Week."  This week the post goes to Jessica Asplund for her explanation of a news debate!  To nominate a post for consideration please tag us in a comment on the post like this @cannabisnationradio so we can check it out!  In the meantime check out Jessica's post.


Julia on behalf of Peter McWilliams - Author, Director, Photographer, Marijuana Advocate, Libertarian - December 7, 2012

Peter McWilliams
was a pretty amazing human being.  He was a writer and self publisher of over 40 books, mostly self help.  He was a poet, a helper of people in trouble, and a medical marijuana advocate.  Peter died in 2000 but his legacy is kept relevant by Julia from Peter McWilliams.org

Patricia Spottedcrow, the mother of 4 who received a 12 year sentence for a few joints of marijuana, returned home from prison this week.  Patricia will be a guest on Cannabis Nation Radio next week.  In the meantime please feel free to send her a "Welcome Home for the Holidays" greeting card.  Click here for the address to Patricia Spottedcrow.

On Tuesday "The Silver Tour" was featured in a hilarious segment on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where the question "Should Grandma Smoke Pot?" was answered.  Watch the the segment here.

Mark Potts - Deputy Sheriff - LEAP Member - November 30, 2012

Mark Potts is a retired Military Veteran and Special Forces Hardass turned Deputy Sheriff and active duty member of L.E.A.P. or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.  Mark has been a drug task force guy and Sheriffs candidate and all while lamenting the failure and insanity of the war on drugs.

A constitutionalist and Libertarian Patriot, Mark was accused of conduct unbecoming an officer by his department for espousing his views in the local op/ed section of the newspaper.

Mark sued and prevailed in his effort to retain his 1st amendment rights in Federal court.


New Jersey Weedman - Robert "Ed" Forchion - November 23, 2012

Edward Forchion also known as the “NJ Weedman” was just acquitted in New Jersey last month on felony drug charges for marijuana.

A perennial activist, Ed has ran for public office, spent time behind bars and been a Ganjaprenuer.


Sean Dunagan - Former DEA Agent - November 16, 2012

Sean Dunagan
served as a Senior intelligence research specialist for the DEA and took part in dozens of federal drug investigations during tours of duty in Florida and Pennsylvania as well as internationally in Mexico and Guatemala.

We are very sad to report that on November 14, 2012, little Cash Hyde lost his battle with cancer.  Cash was perhaps the youngest medical marijuana patient in the U.S., maybe the world,  who brought smiles and hope to many during his courageous battle with brain cancer.  RIP little guy. 


Brian O'Dea - International Smuggler - Author - Consultant - TV Producer - November 9, 2012

Brian O’Dea a former international smuggler from Newfoundland who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for smuggling over 75 tons of marijuana into the U.S. through varied operations.


Ron Varasteh- U.S. Congressional Candidate for the 48th District of California (Orange County) - November 2, 2012

Ron Varasteh is an Orange County small business owner, Scientist and Engineer running for U.S. Congress in the 48th District for California.

He is an activist for the “common good”, and believes that can only be addressed through an honest democratic process that elects citizen legislators.

Dr. Lester Grinspoon - Harvard Professor Emeritus - Author - Lecturer - Expert Witness - October 26, 2012


Dr. Lester Grinspoon is Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.  He was Senior Psychiatrist at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center in Boston for 40 years.

A recent study conducted in Germany on schizophrenic patients found 600 mg of CBD daily to be as effective, without the side effects,  as amisulpride, which is a commonly used medication not approved in the U.S., however similar to the medications used in the U.S. for schizophrenia.

We could not resist poking fun at  Donald Trump's offer of $5 million dollars to Obama's favorite charity, if Obama provides his passport and school records by October 31st, according to the terms set out by "The Donald" of course.  And NO, this is not to be taken as a show of support for Obama... or Romney for that matter.




Christopher Hsu - Executive Member - New Mexico Medical Cannabis Patients Alliance - October 12, 2012

Listen to the October 12, 2012 Cannabis Nation Radio Show with Christopher Hsu

Christopher Hsu will talk to us about the fate of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome)  for New Mexico patients as well as the state of New Mexico Medical Cannabis program, and how it differs from other states. 

Remember to check out the Cannabis Quilt, which will be unveiled this coming Monday, October 15, 2012 in DC. 

Rescheduling arguments will be heard by the U.S. Court of Appeals on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 in Washington, DC.   How can the feds continue to keep marijuana as a schedule 1 drug, and claim that marijuana has no medicinal value when the proof is in the pudding from sea to shining sea?  Patients of all ages, with varying conditions are clearly benefiting from the vast medicinal benefits of marijuana.  Not to mention the federal patients who have been receiving cannabis from the federal government since the 1970's on a monthly basis, one would think it is kind of hard to deny the medicinal benefits.  However, with the complete lack of common sense in government these days, another delay, or denial is always possible.  However, it appears the patients, and their families have had about enough of the nonsense coming from some lawmakers who likely have big pharma in their pockets.  With marijuana allowing many patients to reduce their intake of big pharma pills, we won't be surprised if there will be a continuation of the fight to keep marijuana out of the hands of the patients who greatly benefit while reducing their exposure to toxic pharma chemicals. 

Props to the advocates who complained to Clear Channel to demand the removal of the Portland, Oregon billboards that were blatant misrepresentations of marijuana users.  The billboards featured a picture of a haggard looking child with bruised eyes, and the words "Marijuana - What's good about it? Nothing"   Clear Channel decided to remove the billboards after receiving complaints, because it was not clear who was behind the ads.  The organization listed on the order, and domain registration said they were not responsible for the billboards. 


Dr. Frederic Whitehurst - Former FBI Special Agent - Criminal Defense Attorney - Forensics Consultant - October 5, 2012

Listen to the October 5th, 2012 Cannabis Nation Radio Show with Frederic Whitehurst. 

Dr. Frederic Whitehurst is a very special guest who we are truly honored to have on the show, and we should all thank him for his service.  Formerly a Special Agent for the FBI, and currently a Criminal Defense Lawyer, and Forensics Consultant, he brings a unique, and rare perspective.   As a Special Agent for the FBI Dr. Whitehurst took it upon himself to report problems within the lab, which was not welcomed by those within the Bureau, forcing him to successfully defend himself, along with his lawyers, against the retaliation that was perpetrated upon him, resulting in better practices and procedures in the crime lab.  Dr. Whitehurst will talk about the inaccuracies of evidence testing, including the field test the police use for marijuana.

The "Moms for Marijuana" cannabis quilt project is coming along nicely.  Be sure to check out the pics on the cannabis quilt page.

Last week, our guest David Malmo-Levine, suggested a film titled, "Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime," which we've since had the time to watch, and highly recommend.  The film is about a man "Hoxsey," who treats cancer patients after seeing his prized stallion's cancer begin to heal after eating various herbs.  Being a Veterinarian, Hoxsey investigated further, and incorporated other folk medicine herbs into the horse's diet, and successfully killed the cancer.  After this success, Hoxsey shared the recipe with his son, who he made promise he would treat anyone regardless of their ability to pay.  His son went on to treat thousands of cancer patients.  The movie shows how aggressive the American Medical Association attacked the Hoxsey clinics.  At one time there were 17 Hoxsey clinics across the U.S.  that had an open door policy, and treated anyone regardless of the amount of money they had.  The Hoxsey clinics had a substantial success rate, and many happy patients.  After the head of the American Medical Association tried to buy the formula, and Hoxsey realized if he sold out patients who didn't have money would be left out, Hoxsey squashed the deal to sell.  The clinics and Hoxsey were aggressively targeted by false stories placed in newspapers,  harassed with lawsuits,  and  eventually shut down by the FDA, despite their open door policy and request for doctors and researchers to come and go through all the data, and follow the cases themselves.  Nobody from the medical community ever took Hoxsey up on his offer.  A few reporters did, expecting to find a quack, and instead found a man successfully treating cancer patients for a reasonable amount, or little money.


Cannabis Nation Radio - September 2012

David Malmo Levine - Herb Museum, Vancouver BC - September 28, 2012

David Malmo-Levine, Curator of the Herb Museum in Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as marijuana advocate, organizer, and writer will discuss the Herb Museum and various groups surrounding marijuana legalization efforts.

Mike got his lab results back from the lab that tested the level of THC after no use for 8 hours.  He was inspired to do this since the debates have run rampant online about bill language regarding limits of allowable THC levels for drivers, which could have a big impact on patients who medicate daily.  The shocking results of his THC level were revealed on the show. It was evident by the poll we setup that we had no idea what Mike's THC level would be.  The highest number on the poll we did was "9," however Mike's test result was a whopping 4,000 ng THC /ml.  

Cannabis Nation Radio announced our proud participation in the Moms for Marijuana Cannabis Quilt, and the addition of the Cannabis Quilt page to the Cannabis Nation Radio site.

David recommended the following movie during our conversation, which is highly recommended.  If you are not a believer in medical marijuana, this is a must watch.  It will open your eyes to the corruption in medicine, and to some of the horrendous tactics perpetrated by the American Medical Association on competing treatments in the name of money.  Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime

Laurel Dewey - Author - "Betty's (Little Basement) Garden"

Laurel Dewey has written numerous books on a wide range of subjects, including hundreds of articles on alternative health, and plant medicine.  Living in Colorado, one of the states that recognizes medical marijuana, she recently penned a fiction novel inspired by the medical marijuana industry.  Interview will be recorded live 9/21/2012 at 5pm pst /6 mtn / 7 central / 8pm est, and will be added to the above audio player, as well as the audio player on the Laurel Dewey page the following morning.

Dr. Robert Melamede "Dr. Bob" - Cannabis Science - September 14, 2012

Dr. Robert Melamede, often referred to as "Dr. Bob," is a well known cannabis researcher, from Colorado, (one of the states that currently recognizes marijuana as medicine),  where he is President and CEO of Cannabis Science, a company involved in the research of the medical benefits of cannabis.  Interview was recorded live 9/14/2012 at 5pm pst / 8pm est, and can be heard on the above audio player.


Howard Wooldridge - "COPS" Say Legalize - September 7, 2012

Howard Wooldridge worked his way up through the ranks of law enforcement, eventually becoming a detective in Central Michigan.   Although Howard knew before entering law enforcement that the drug war was a bad policy, after 18 years as an officer he saw first hand that the drug war was a dismal failure, and has since spent his retirement years educating others.  Click for more information about the Howard Wooldridge interview.

Democratic National Convention - Rebecca Forbes Speaks on behalf of Cannabis.  (too bad they didn't give her a location a little closer to the people).  Regardless, Rebecca made the effort and got the information out there.  Props to Rebecca Forbes, and shame on the Democrats for not giving her a better location! 

Mike is off to Lansing Michigan next week, to attend a banquet in honor and support of the brave Federal Marijuana Patients who despite their health problems, are helping to educate the public about how they have benefited from the medical marijuana they receive monthly from the federal government.  The federal medical marijuana program started when Robert Randall noticed how marijuana was especially effective at treating his glaucoma.  In the 1970's, Robert and his wife Alice O'Leary dove in head first to challenge the federal government's position on marijuana, since the use of marijuana was saving Robert's eye sight from glaucoma.  A long legal battle ensued, with Robert eventually winning, and the result was a federal program for patients with a variety of illnesses, until the federal government changed the rules, and stopped accepting new patients.  Glaucoma was responsible for opening the eyes of many to the medical benefits of marijuana, yet Michigan wants to remove glaucoma from the Michigan list of "acceptable" medical ailments that qualify for the state of Michigan medical marijuana program.  The Robert Randall Memorial Wellness Center is a compassionate center located in Michigan, which will be hosting the banquet and organizing a rally at the State of Michigan Capitol in Lansing, to show support for Michigan glaucoma patients.  Mike, and the remaining federal marijuana patients will be attending the banquet and rallies in support of Michigan medical marijuana patients.  If you are in Michigan, and would like to show your support please contact the Robert C. Randall Memorial and Wellness Center for more information (517) 480-7344.

Cannabis Nation Radio - August, 2012

G3 Collective - Aaron Sandusky - Local & Federal Raid - Mayor Extortion - August 31, 2012

Aaron Sandusky of G3 collective discusses the raids of the patient collective located in Upland, California, and the extortion endured by the previous Mayor.   To listen to the show with Aaron Sandusky click on "cannabis 083112" on the above audio player, which can also be found on the Aaron Sandusky page.


Martin Lee - HempFest, Project CBD, "Smoke Signals" Book - August 24, 2012

Martin Lee, author of "Smoke Signals - A Social History of Marijuana, Medical, Recreational, and Scientific" joins Cannabis Nation Radio to discuss not only his book, but also his time at Seattle Hempfest last week, and Project CBD which he co-founded.  Martin is also the co-author of "Acid Dreams - A Social History of LSD," and other books found here...

Kenneth Unger - Disabled Veteran - What happens when the "legal" medicine is worse than illegal options? - August 17, 2012

Ken Unger, of O'Fallon Missouri, in St. Charles County, is facing up to 30 years in prison for growing marijuana to replace the morphine he was prescribed that left him sick and unable to function.  The interview can be heard, by clicking on "cannabis 081712" on the above audio player. 

Dr. Jeri Rose - Roger Christie - August 10, 2012

Dr. Jeri Rose joins us from Honolulu, to discuss Roger Christie, of THC Ministry in Hawaii who's church was raided on July 8th of 2010 for using cannabis as a sacrament.  Roger has been denied bail for over 2 years.  He is still awaiting trial.  

Also, there is a new Senate companion bill (S.3501) to the Industrial Hemp Farming Act (H.R. 1831) that was introduced ahead of the Senate recess last week.  We want to urge everyone to contact their Senators, and they can do that very easily, with pre-written, point and click letters, by going to votehemp.com Please click on "cannabis 081012" to listen to the audio of this show on the above audio player.   
Jeri Rose recommends Hawaiians' support Paul Dolan for Prosecutor, who has stated he would follow the will of the people. 



Alex White Plume - Lakota Elder - Federal Raid on Sovereign Nation for Growing Hemp - August 3, 2012

Profile Picture
Alex White Plume, a Lakota Elder, and former Tribal President, of the Oglala Sioux, from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, in South Dakota, talks with Cannabis Nation Radio about the raid by federal authorities on sovereign land for growing hemp.   Alex tells his story about the raid by the DEA, FBI, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and US Marshalls, and discusses Sovereign Territory, and the complexities of being an Indian in a nation, within a nation.  Please click on "cannabis 080312" to listen to the audio of this show on the above audio player.  
Preview to Standing Silent Nation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFFlYTFhJHA 
Purchase Standing Silent Nation http://standingsilentnation.com/

Sovereign: The supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power by which an independent state is governed and from which all specific political powers are derived; the intentional independence of a state, combined with the right and power of regulating its internal affairs without foreign interference.

Sovereignty is the power of a state to do everything necessary to govern itself, such as making, executing, and applying laws; imposing and collecting taxes; making war and peace; and forming treaties or engaging in commerce with foreign nations.

Cannabis Nation Radio - July 2012

Stephani - A Child Victim of the Drug War - July 27, 2012

Stephani was a child of 6 years old, when 15 to 20 police officers broke into her home in a military style raid.  Her recollection of the chain of events begs to have the question answered,  are these raids really about protecting the community, and protecting the children, when it is obvious that the most innocent who are caught up in the depths of this war suffer more from the actions of the police, than from the life they were living prior to the emotional and financial destruction brought on by the war on drugs. 

Stephani is now an adult, who wants to educate others, including the police, that the war on drugs is more harmful to children, than the effects of marijuana, or the lives of children in homes where marijuana is a way of life.   Stephani would like to remind people to get involved in their local area to make change happen, as it will not happen without your involvement.  That change begins by contacting your government representatives and helping them to understand the truth, as well as speaking to casual acquaintances.   Stephani recommends the upcoming Democratic Nation Convention in North Carolina on September 6th, 2012 from 10am to 8pm in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a good place to get the message out to voters, and to representatives.  For more information regarding cannabis reform in North Carolina contact the Carolina Cannabis Coalition, which Stefani supports as the Vice President.  Stephani also has also had her story featured in The Exile Nation Project, a documentary by Charles Shaw and the Ted Worth Charitable Trust.  To listen to the audio of Stephani, please click on "Cannabis 07272012" on the above audio player.

Duell Lauderdale, St. Charles College Students for Sensible Drug Policy, - July 20, 2012

Duell Lauderdale of St. Charles College in Missouri joined us to discuss the roadblocks encountered while forming the new group "St. Charles College Students for Sensible Drug Policy."  Some of the comments that were brought to light by Duell, that those in opposition to the newly formed group made, regarding cannabis, were alarming.   The discussion was very informative and led to an invitation to the Student Senate leader of St. Charles College, to be a guest on Cannabis Nation Radio.   Hopefully she'll oblige, and join us in the near future on Cannabis Nation Radio, where an honest conversation about marijuana is always welcome.  St. Charles College Students for Sensible Drug Policy welcomes new members at no cost and any support you can provide.  To listen to the Duell Lauderdale / St. Charles College Students for Sensible Drug Policy  interview on Cannabis Nation Radio, go to the above audio player and click on "cannabis 072012."

Jeff Brown, Author and Carl Olsen Marijuana Advocate - July 13, 2012

Jeff Brown and Carl Olsen discussed marijuana and the Bible and the legality of religious use, as well as legal battles in the efforts to reschedule or possibilities of removal from scheduling of marijuana.  Jeff Brown is the author of  "Marijuana and the Bible."  To listen to the Jeff Brown, and Carl Olsen  interview on Cannabis Nation Radio, go to the above audio player and click on "cannabis 071312."


Adam Scorgie - Executive Producer - "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High" July 6, 2012

Adam Scorgie is a British Columbia born producer who has co-produced numerous projects with BKS Crew Productions, including the award winning documentary  "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High."  Adam is currently working on development and fundraising for a follow up to "The Union" documentary, titled "The Culture High."  Audio to the interview with Adam is on above audio player titled: cannabis-070612.

To buy the crew a beer, get a t-shirt, signed dvd, or have a red carpet event thrown in your hometown, in your honor, with the crew, and at the same time be named on the film as a Co-Executive Producer visit:

"The Culture High Movie"


June 2012 Cannabis Nation Radio Shows

John Kelly - Expert Witness - Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author - June 29, 2012

John Kelly is a Court Qualified Drug Test Expert,  as well as a Pulitzer Prize nominated Author of "TAINTING EVIDENCE: INSIDE THE SCANDALS AT THE FBI CRIME LAB" who will be a guest on Cannabis Nation, Friday nite, June 29th at 5pm PST.   John Kelly is available as an expert witness and can be contacted at "Beat Marijuana Charges."

John also authored "FALSE Positives - EQUAL FALSE JUSTICE" which is an in-depth study of tests for controlled substances, and he's more recently been spending his time researching controlled substances drug testing under the direction of Dr. Frederick Whitehurst, a Ph.D. chemist  and court-certified defense expert on drug testing,  for his soon to be released new book which is expected to hit shelves some time this summer.  

More information on cases Highlighting John Kelly's Expert Witness Experience. 


Eapen Thampy - Americans For Forfeiture Reform - June 22, 2012

Eapen Hampy, the Executive Director,  of "Americans for Forfeiture Reform"  discusses the need for reform of laws which result in forfeiture of millions of dollars of legal cash, and property nationwide.  The forfeitures are often not connected to drugs, but rather are assets seized thru abuses of the authority that forfeiture laws give to law enforcement, and often the seizures are  legal money and property.   As many are becoming aware there is a war on private property in the United States,  and the forfeiture laws are used to take property from its rightful owners, and use the cash, and sale of that property to further fund the aggressive policing, raids, and seizure process. 


Alison Myrden - LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - MS Patient - Corrections Officer - Cannabis Advocate - June 15, 2012

Alison Myrden has seen the effects of the war on drugs from the inside.  Her career started as a Corrections Officer in 1988, after working with troubled youth  in Southern Ontario, Canada,  she went on to work with young offender cases.   Around the same time, Alison was diagnosed with chronic progressive Multiple Sclerosis, with Tic Doloureux, an excruciating facial pain that is present 24 hrs., and is sometimes associated with MS.  It is one of the most painful disorders known.  She has been  treated with many pharmaceutical drugs, including doctor supervised cocaine and heroin therapy, yet she  found immediate relief with Cannabis when there was no such luck with the other, more addictive medications.  Alison has been a speaker for LEAP "Law Enforcement Against Prohibition" for years.  She believes the "war on drugs" is more a "war on the people," and has to be stopped.  Alison and her partner Gary Lynch maintain a website detailing her advocacy of Medical Cannabis at themarijuanamission.com, and they recently launched the Alison Myrden site.  To listen to the Alison Myrden interview on Cannabis Nation Radio, go to the above audio player and click on "cannabis 061512."


Steele Smith - US vs Steele Smith - Trial of the Century? June 8, 2012

Steele Smith, a California medical marijuana patient was operating under California proposition 215, a law put in place to protect patients who choose medical marijuana as medicine due to its less toxic and often more effective qualities.  Smith was growing marijuana for  himself due to his rare disease, and other doctor approved California patients, when the Federal Govt. decided to pursue Federal charges.  Why do many consider this the trial of the century?  Because the case is a "states rights"  issue, plus a battle for the rights of patients to choose what goes in their own bodies which entails the 9th and 10th amendments of the constitution.  This is also the very FIRST time a FEDERAL judge has allowed MEDICAL testimony in a medical marijuana case.  In every other case involving medical marijuana, testimony from doctors, federal patients receiving their own marijuana FROM the federal government, biochemists, researchers, scientists, and droves of other patient's first hand testimony to the effectiveness, and often superiority,  of marijuana as medicine has been excluded from the courtroom.  Marijuana, including hemp,  prohibition has effected every facet of our lives for the last century.  Therefore this IS the trial of the century.  More information on US vs. Steele Smith.  To listen to the Steele Smith interview on Cannabis Nation Radio, go to above audio player and click on "cannabis 060812."



Irv Rosenfeld & Heidi Handford joined us to talk about their medical marijuana advocacy work.  Irv is a federally approved medical marijuana patient who gets a tin of 300 joints sent to him by the Federal Govt. Monthy.  More Info>>>>

June 1st, 2012 - Highly Recommended Article from Time Magazine regarding Marijuana study on  Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia.

May 25, 2012 - Clint Werner, Author of "Marijuana Gateway To Health: How Marijuana Protects us From Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease" talks about some of the research for his new book. More Info>>>>

May 18, 2012 - Cannalytics lab tests marijuana for cannabinoid content and contaminants.  Zach the founder shares the results of some of the marijuana testing as well as some new findings.  More info>>>>

May 11, 2012 - Traveling hemp educator David Pillar teaches from the hemp hut, which is a traveling hemp education roadshow, the vast uses of the miraculous hemp plant, including hempcrete (building material) hemp nutrition, with hemp seed oil, and the wide array of products hemp can be manufactured into including paper, cloth, plastics and fuel. It's no wonder many call cannabis the tree of life.  Food, shelter, fuel, clothing, and biodegradeable products can all be made from the cannabis plant known as hemp.  More Info>>>>

May 4, 2012 - Eric Williams, professional Lobbyist and Executive Director of CT NORML reports on legislation from the floor of the ST state legislator during the vote on medical marijuana in CT.  It becomes apparent that some legislation is not all it's cracked up to be.  More Info>>>>

April 27, 2012 - Biochemist from the Cancer Industry Dennis Hill explains how he treated his own prostate cancer with cannabis concentrate (a concentrated extract of the essential oils of cannabis).  Papers written by Dennis explaining how marijuana works on disease are included. More Info>>>

April 20, 2012 - Alice O'Leary, Co-Author and Wife of the Late Robert Randall the 1st federally recognized Medical Marijuana patient discusses how marijuana was more effective on Robert's glaucoma than other options, the struggle with the Federal Govt., and the adventures encountered upon their win. More Info>>>

April 13, 2012 - Rico Colibri and Kathleen Chippi co-authors of Colorado Measure 70  discuss how Measure 70 compares to initiative 64 for adult use of marijuana recreationally.  More Info >>>