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Dr. Ronnie D. Allen holds degrees from various Colleges and Universities in California.

1984 Dr. Allen Pastor his first church at the age of 26 until late 1989. 

1994 Dr Allen Pastor the Church his father Pastor and built. Pastor until 1999.

2000 Dr Allen founded the Alcohol and Addict Ministry 5 step of deliverance.  He stayed until the program was turned over to his brother in-law in 2002.

2004 Dr. Allen saw a need to feed the homeless. He then founded Lord  of the Harvest Feeding Ministry 501c-3. Through Dr. Allen’s on-going  efforts this ministry has fed thousands to this day.

2005 Dr.Allen was approached by 6 families and asked to organize a  church. Out of this meeting, Dr Allen founded the Bible Believers  Ministry a 501c3. Pastor for three strong years, until 2008.

2008 Dr. Allen is the Dean and the International Representative of the very theological seminary and College he attended.

2008 Dr. Allen was approached by the National Guard to help implement  their Drug Demand Reduction programs in to the Communities, Dr. Allen  Understood that the best way to get to the Community was through the  Faith Based Organizations. Dr. Allen Then Founded the International  Faith Based Coalition which consist of all religions and has over 4100  Faith based Facilities involved.

2008 Because of Dr. Allen Faithfulness and leadership Bishop,  Dr.Blouin, saw a need to consecrate Dr. Allen as a Bishop of the Gospel  of Jesus Christ.  

2008 Dr. Allen was called to Pastor a historic church Greater Solomon  Community Church in the under served area of Oak Park, and he is the  pastor to this day.

2009 Dr Allen was a  speaker at the 40 world congress on Drug  Addiction and signed a declaration for the United State Of American, in  Mexico City, Mexico. 

2009- Present. Dr.Allen has led the Faith Based Organizations in the fight against the legalization of  Marijuana, along with their partners  California For Drug Free Youth (CADFY) And The (HIDTA) High Intensity  Drug Trafficking Areas, in the State of California alongside many law  enforcement agencies.

Dr.Allen has led rallies on the State Capitol in Sacramento and has  organized the Faith Based Community in many cities to fight the  legalization of Marijuana.

2010 Dr. Allen had the privilege to travel to Washington D.C. and talk about his love and ideals for drug prevention.                     
Dr. Allen is privileged to have the opportunity to serve with California for a Drug Free Youth (CADFY) and California Border Alliance Group (CBAG)in San Diego California.

More recently Bishop Ron Allen appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart in the segment titled "Should Grandma Smoke Pot?"  The segment shows Robert Platshorn's Silver Tour in action.  The Silver Tour is a traveling informational presentation presented at retirement communities, that educates seniors about the healing benefits of marijuana, which is non-toxic and can replace many of the toxic, side effect inducing pills that so many seniors are currently consuming. 

Please leave a question or comment for Bishop Ron Allen below

What makes you think that marijuana is a bad thing? I believe that there are much worst drugs like what is man-made that are really messing people up!!! There's worst stuff to worry about...

Just listened to the show...
@ the Bishop:
The only "fixing" prop 215 requires is a Colorado-style extension of its benefits to ALL adults.

The medical benefits derived from a legal, non-toxic alternative to alcohol [and the rest of the list of drugs abused] would dwarf the numbers of us who currently have physicians' rec's. My own disabling asthma was "missing" from the time I commenced daily enjoyment in 1968. It was a California glaucoma diagnosis that cured my "stigma of criminality".

It is absurd that any adult needs permission to avail an herb less dangerous than aspirin and less addictive than COFFEE.

The prohibition of Earth's most widely beneficial plant species is a crime against humanity. If I were still religious, I'd call it blasphemy.

It is understood that God is infallible. It is also said HE(NOT SATAN) created every seed bearing plant, and tree with fruit, as our food... So for him to say Cannabis is wrong, is saying God made a mistake, he knows more than God.... Is he saying God made a mistake, and he know's more than God by saying God made a mistake when he created Cannabis?

He is also saying he has more trust in man made drugs, then God's natural remedies...

I want him to understand... If God is suppose to be infallible, and he made a mistake when he created Cannabis, then why should I trust a God that makes worst mistakes than I do???

Has my perception of God being PERFECT been wrong?

Hello! Test.

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