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Peter O'Toole and Dr. Bob Melameade

Peter O'Toole aka "Uncle Pete" - Cannabis Caregiver and Dr. Robert Melameade aka "Dr. Bob" - Cannabis Science Founder October 4, 2013

Peter O'Toole aka. "Uncle Pete" is a cannabis farmer and oil maker from Prudenville, MI. Peter is also the co-founder of Cannabis Camp. As a legal medical marijuana patient he was diagnosed with diabetes, hepatitis C, and possible liver cancer all on the same day. It was through this desperation that Uncle Pete went on to make his first batch of cannabis oil. Since then he has made hundreds of batches of cannabis oil using his own alcohol extraction methods developed after learning to make oil with the methods shown on Run from the Cure. After working with well over 1000 patients, Uncle Pete has gained experience from seed to cure that is matched by few in this industry of cannabis concentrated oil. Peter is dedicated to the truth about cannabis oil and is willing to share his experience, strength, and hope with anybody that is eager to learn. "Plant a seed, grow some pot, and make a difference." are words to live by according to Uncle Pete.

Dr. Bob Melameade aka "Dr. Bob" joined us to shed light on the topic of marijuana concentrate dosing, and THC content of marijuana concentrated oil. It is important to note that Dr. Bob pointed out that as biological beings we have wide variations.  What works and is good for one person, may not be well tolerated by another individual.  When a well tolerated and effective strength is reached it is good to know the dose that is being delivered to maintain consistent administration of that dose.  Dr. Bob also spoke about the toxicity of pharmaceutical drugs and the "Therapeutic Index" which outlines their typical level of toxicity.  Chemotherapy would be a 2:1, whereas aspirin would be a 15:1.  It is interesting to note that marijuana is 40,000:1 meaning that the level of toxicity for chemo is extremely high, whereas marijuana toxicity is extremely low.   Some people have been making claims that the THC concentrate in marijuana concentrate should be 95% THC, which has not only been argued by many well seasoned care-givers and experienced growers,  is unattainable.  Dr. Bob pointed out that even if this strength was in fact attainable, with 95% THC  the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and phenols that also provide medicinal benefits would be in such small percentages that the entourage effect of the natural plant would be lost.