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Michael Dussault-Jensen

Michael Dussault-Jensen - Founder "Grannies for Grass" - Executive Director "Dads for Marijuana" July 12, 2013





Michael Dussault-Jensen is involved with promoting a Coalition that has been formed by Jason Wilcox and others to address the serious problems in Health Canada's newly proposed regulations called the MMPR or Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. Health Canada's intention with the new regulations is to remove the ability of sick and disabled persons from producing their own medicine or having a caregiver produce it for them, a right that most licensed persons have had for the better part of 10 years under the current program called the MMAR. Health Canada intends to replace these licenses with commercial producers which could charge up to or beyond a 4 fold increase in the current cost for medication to the patient using Health Canada's own figures.

The Coalition named MMAR DPL/PPL Coalition Against Repealcurrently has over 3400 members across Canada, actively working to prevent these regulations coming into force.


Michael Dussault-Jensen is a 49 year old Cannabis activist who lives in Kelowna British Columbia.

A former Microsoft certified computer technician and a cabinet maker. Michael's illnesses changed his life.

Diagnosed with Spinal stenosis, heart disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes and gout, all while enduring two back surgeries and a heart surgery in the last 4 years, Michael has learned the value of Cannabis as a medicine.


The opiates that were prescribed did not give a quality of life and when a friend suggested medical cannabis, Michael found a new calling.


With the ability of marijuana to heal the body it is bound to garner supporters and Michael became one of them.


He founded “Grannies for Grass” in 2009 to help patients with strain information, recipes, and links for applying to Health Canada to get the medical marijuana exemption card.


Michael is the executive director of an organization to promote medical marijuana called “Dads 4 Marijuana International”.


In June of this year (2013) Health Canada proposed new regulations that would eliminate the right of patients to grow their own medical marijuana and force all medical marijuana patients in Canada to buy from licensed producers at a cost in excess of $5 a gram, some say as high as $12 per gram. Prices are to be determined initially by licensed producers under the new regulations until things can be revised.  It should be noted that the average current price in dispensaries is $8-$12 per gram.

Even five dollars a gram is much more expensive than the cost would be for a patient that could grow marijuana on their own. Figures vary widely depending on who you ask, but in the States, the wholesale price for full sun outdoor grown medical marijuana is around $3.30 a gram and people are making money at that price. Marijuana used medically is effective medicine that treats a wide range of disease. 


With Health Canada trying to remove the rights of medical marijuana patients to grow their own backyard medicine "Dads 4 Marijuana" is a group dedicated to educating and enlisting help in the battle to defeat this proposal and bring medical marijuana to the masses in Canada and beyond.


“Knowledge, Well Being and Happiness” is what Dads 4 Marijuana is promoting and from the Cannabis Nation Radio perspective, that is a “good” thing.