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Robert Platshorn

Robert Platshorn aka "Bobby Tuna" - Creator of The Silver Tour - & Edumercial "Should Grandma Smoke Pot?" - Author "Black Tuna Diaries"- February 1, 2013

 Robert Platshorn,  joins us from Florida to discuss his latest creation, "Should Grandma Smoke Pot?, and "The Silver Tour," as well as his book, film, and recent appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  (the clip can be found below).  

Robert grew up in Philadelphia, and after living the life of an entrepreneur found himself in the 1970's in the midst of a high demand market for marijuana.  Seizing the potentially lucrative opportunity to make a boat load of money, Robert found himself on the wrong end of the law, and soon found out the risk he took wasn't only about money, but his freedom as well.  After serving 29 years in prison for smuggling marijuana, he is well aware of the widespread use of marijuana, and has since learned the many health benefits, and thought it was time to educate the senior citizens since many of them are unaware, and uneducated when it comes to marijuana.

The Silver Tour is a hands on approach that traveled to retirement communities offering free buffets while Robert and various professionals provide information about the many ways marijuana can be used to enhance or improve a wide range of health problems. 
"Should Grandma Smoke Pot," is an infomercial that offers a similar education, yet can reach a much wider audience at less cost.  Robert had great news that funding recently became available to air "Should Grandma Smoke Pot," on prime time television in a broad South Florida market.   As Robert pointed out, "repetition" is required for people to fully grasp the information they have been taught is the opposite of the truth.

The only thing that limits "Should Grandma Smoke Pot" from airing in more markets, is funding.  How can you help?  Donate on TheSilverTour.org website so more air time in more markets can be purchased.  Or order the DVD so you can start your own Silver Tour in your area, and give presentations to your extended family, representatives, retirement communities, homeowners associations, cancer groups, health fairs, etc.  

"Should Grandma Smoke Pot?" The Daily Show with Jon Stewart